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Before & Afters - Thigh Lipodystrophy

Medial Thighplasty 55695 copy.png

This is a 30YO lady that has a lot of excessive adipose tissue in her medial thighs. These rub together and irritate her. Also, she has problems wearing any type of tight closes because of the bulging fat and the upper thighs show through.


She underwent a medial thighplasty. As you can see we have excised all the excessive skin fat in the medial thighs. This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#55695

Thigh Lipodystrophy 55205.png

This is a 32YO lady that had lipodystrophy in her medial thigh area. She really was not overweight but she had really large thighs. She also had redundant skin and redundant fat starting about 2 inches below the pubic area in her thighs. She underwent a medial thighlift. We have removed the problem areas and she has done quite well. 

Whenever you do medial thigh surgery you have to excise the tissue that has the most fat and is the most redundant. This is usually up in the groin crease on most people. If the fat is that high, you can run your incisions up higher in the groin crease. If the problem is lower you have to go down and excise the lower tissue and it will leave the scar a little bit lower but it does resolve the problem much better. This works better than lifting the redundant tissue too high. You can see that her thighs are now very smooth on the inside. Her scar is a little higher than normal but we totally corrected her problem. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55205

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