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Before & Afters - Neck Lift/Liposuction

Face Neck Rejuvenation 55554.png

This is a 58YO who has developed some looseness in her face and ex essive fat in her neck area. She has also lost the prominent border of her mandible. Her face loo like it goes directly to her neck. 

She underwent a face and neck rejuvenation procedure. This was don in the office with IV sedation. As you can see from her pre-op and post-op pictures, we ha"ie now significantly rejuvenated her face. This procedure usually requires people to be of work from 10-14 days. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55554


This is a 27YO lady that did not like the fat in her neck.  She also did not have a very defined jawline.  She underwent liposuction of her neck and jawline.  This is done as an in office procedure under IV sedation.  As you can see from her preoperative pictures, she did not have a very defined jawline and had a full neck.  Now she has a nice angle on her neck with a defined jawline.


Once the fat is removed from the neck, she will get a permanent result.  This will prevent her from having a fat neck which would continue as she aged.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55221


This is a 22YO lady that is concerned with the excessive fat in her neck and the fact that she has lost her jawline.  She had a lot of fullness in the angle of the jaw and did not have a defined angle of the jaw.  We liposuctioned the neck, jawline, and the angle of the jaw.  She now has a much more defined neck and mandibular border.  This procedure is done in the office with IV sedation.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#52243


This is a 40YO lady that had fullness in her neck and under chin.  She was very self conscious of this extra fat below the angle of the mandible.  She did not have a sharp definition of her mandibular border due to the excessive fat.  She underwent liposuction through an outpatient procedure in the office with IV sedation.  Pre-operatively you can see the hanging tissue and fat under her chin area on the front view.  On the side view, you can see that she does not have definite mandibular border with a full neck.  Post operatively, we have corrected all of her concerns.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#53625


This is a 30YO lady that has complained of having a fat neck for years.  She has been very self conscious about her profile or taking pictures especially the profile view.  She underwent liposuction of the neck.  This removes both deep and superficial fat.  She now has a quite shapely neck with a strong jawline. 


Once fat cells are removed, they usually do not come back.  She should maintain the new contour of her neck for many years to come.


This procedure can be done as an outpatient procedure in the office.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#53269


This is a 22YO lady from Bainbridge, Georgia that desires some cosmetic improvement of her neck.  When I evaluate her side view, she has a very obtuse neck.  There is no definition to her jaw line.  Her chin also appears to be weak.  Patients with this issue can be greatly improved with liposuction of the neck and a small chin implant.  By doing this, there is more definition of the jaw line with more curvature to the neck.  The fat is liposuctioned and will not reoccur giving her years of a more youthful neck.  This procedure is done in the office with IV sedation.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#51022


This is a 24-year-old lady who is seeing me concerning her neck.  She has lost all definition in the jaw line.  She has excessive fat in the neck.  She says that she never had a good profile.  She underwent liposuction of the neck area.  This has removed excessive fat and has defined the jaw line and also given her some shape to the neck.  This is a permanent procedure and should last her for years. 

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#50544

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