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Our Procedures - Male Breast Reduction

Is This You?

Are you embarrassed to remove your shirt at the pool, in the locker room, or in a pickup game of shirts vs. skins because of your "man boobs"? Man boobs, technically known as gynecomastia, are a common cosmetic complaint among men. Even men who are only slightly overweight or even at their ideal weight can suffer from this embarrassing physical condition. Exercise and dieting are rarely an adequate solution, but you don't have to live with gynecomastia. Male breast reduction is an effective solution for gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Causes

There are many potential causes of gynecomastia, and understanding the cause of your gynecomastia can have an impact on the nature of your treatment. Some of the causes of gynecomastia include:

  • Weight gain

  • Puberty and hormone imbalance

  • Steroids and other medications that affect hormones

  • Illnesses, including cancer and chronic liver disease

  • Thyroid and other glandular disorders


During your consultation, we can typically help you distinguish between common gynecomastia as a result of weight gain and those that might relate to more serious conditions, but you should also consult with your doctor about the condition.

Gynecomastia Treatment and Results

Gynecomastia treatment, also known as male breast reduction, is typically performed with liposuction. This procedure removes the excess fat from the breast region and allows your body to heal itself into a more masculine contour. If necessary, surgery might be necessary to remove overly-developed glandular tissue.

After your treatment, not only will the enlarged breasts be gone, but if you have been doing pectoral exercises in the attempt to reduce your breast tissue, you will suddenly see the results of these exercises, almost as if by magic, and regardless you will see better definition of your chest muscles. If you maintain a stable weight, your results should be very long lasting. The incisions for gynecomastia treatment are typically small, heal well, and are placed so that any scars are well-concealed.

There is no effective treatment for gynecomastia. Diet and exercise also have very little effect on the treatment. If you want a significant improvement in your breasts, surgery is the only reliable option. Usually, once the excessive fat and breast tissue is removed, it will be a long lasting result.

Why Choose Feagin & Owen for Your Gynecomastia Treatment?

To get aesthetically-pleasing results from your gynecomastia treatment, you should work with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a history of giving great results. Dr. Charles Feagin and Dr. William Owen have a combined 60 years of experience giving great gynecomastia treatment results to the people in and around Dothan, Alabama; Enterprise, Alabama; Destin, Florida and all points in between. You can see some examples of their work in our Before & After gallery.

To learn more about our board-certified plastic surgeons and how we can help, please call the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center today.

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