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Before & Afters - Gynecomastia


This is a 25YO gentleman that had quite large breasts.  The fullness in his breasts caused him a lot of insecurity.  He would not wear tee shirts or go without a shirt.  As you can see, he is not overweight at all and is in good shape.  He underwent a surgical procedure to correct the gynecomastia that he had.  This is done through outpatient at the hospital. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#56668                                                                                                                                  10/16/2023KF


This is a 22YO gentleman that was having significant problems with gynecomastia.  He had quite large breasts for a male.  This affected his self esteem considerably and he would not go without a shirt.  Also, he did not like to do any physical activities that would expose his chest even though a shirt.  He underwent liposuction of the breasts.  This made a big difference in the front and side view on this young man.  This procedure was done as an outpatient procedure.  Some insurances will pay a portion of this procedure.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55155


This is a 19YO male that developed gynecomastia for several years.  He was not a body builder and had never been on steroids or taking any medications associated with this problem.  On exam, he was thin and reasonably sculpted.  There were no breast masses but he did clearly have a mild case of gynecomastia.  He underwent surgery initially attempted through stab incisions at the inframammary crease to remove the breast tissue with use of an arthrotec cartilage shaving instrument.  His breast tissue was extremely rubbery and this technique was not working.  We had to convert to an open incision and directly excised the tissue through a periareolar approach.  He is shown in photographs 2 months after the initial procedure.  He has gotten a flattened chest contour with good symmetry and uniformity in the skin thickness over the chest.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#51054


This is a 35YO gentleman that complained of excessive breast tissue.  He was reluctant to go without a shirt or wear tight fitting clothing because it made him appear like he had breasts.  He underwent liposuction of the breasts and lateral chest area.  Now we have eliminated his fullness that he had in the breasts.  He is now able to go without a shirt and wear any type clothing that he desires.  This is done as an outpatient procedure.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#54761


This is a 20YO young man that has some significant gynecomastia.  He has problems wearing any type of tight fitting clothes.  He is embarrassed to go to the gym and workout or jog because the breasts are so large and mobile. 


He underwent liposuction with removal of some of the fatty bresat tissue with direct excision of the nodular breast tissue.  We have corrected his breast and chest problem.  Now he can wear any type of clothing that he desires.  He can now go without a shirt without being embarrassed.


Once this tissue is removed, it usually will not come back unless patients gain excessive weight.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55380


This is a young man who has had large breasts since adolescence His breasts have remained basically unchanged in size even with some fluctuations in his weight. The size and shape of his breasts did not coincide with other masculine features of his torso. He underwent removal of the gynecomastia breast tissue with liposuction and the use of a cartilage shaver. This facilitated removal of the excess breast tissue through small stab incisions at the inframammary creases. The nipple areolar complexes were elevated ever-so-lightly with a circumareolar mastopexy. He has gotten a nice result, which will continue to improve over time. He has already gotten a significant improvement in his chest contouring and is quite pleased with the result and the minimal scarring.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#47958


This is a 28YO gentleman from Ozark, Alabama.  He is interested in some improvement in his breasts.  He complains of gynecomastia.  This is a condition that some males have where their breast tissue is enlarged and they have excessive fat around the breast area.  Usually, there is no known reason for this development.  Sometimes it can be related to taking certain medications.  However, once the breasts develop, they usually continue even if the medication is stopped.  Still in most cases, it is unknown what the cause is.  The treatment is removal of the breast tissue and fat.  This is usually done by making a small incision on the undersurface of the areola area and removing some of the hard nodular tissue right underneath the breast.  The periphery of the breast area is removed with liposuction. 


Most men with this condition that have this condition will not go without a shirt.  Often, they will wear two shirts trying to camouflage the breast area.  Usually after the procedure, they are able to go without a shirt in any situation they desire.  Also, the scars are nearly imperceptible. 


This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure and most patients can return to work in 2 days as long as they are not doing heavy, repetitive, type work. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#52669

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