Laser Skin Resurfacing


This lady is a past heavy smoker. She had had a prior laser peel that got fair results, at best. We attempted a second laser peel, again with fair results at best, and then proceeded on with a series of chemical peels augmented with surgical rolling technique. She continues to use the home roller with products designed to improve the thickness of the dermis. Photographs show her prior to initiation of the procedures we did to help with the wrinkles and the status of her skin today. The wrinkles, especially on the upper lip, are considerably better. The tone and texture of her skin is that of a much younger woman. All in all, she has gotten a very nice result from what began as a quite difficult situation.

This is a lady from the Dothan area that suffered with acne as a teenager and a young adult.  She was concerned about the acne scarring on her cheeks, neck, and the discoloration and spots that have developed.  She underwent a Fraxel, fractionated laser treatment, of her face that has resulted in marked improvement in the tone, texture, and coloration of her skin.

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