This is a healthy middle-aged female who has lost some weight and a considerable amount of fullness in her face over the past years with vigorous exercise. This is skeletonized her lips and created some prominent vertical folds in the upper lips. The before pictures are 2 weeks post op pictures of Juvederm injections into the dry, red upper and lower lip. In addition there was some dilute Restalyne injected into the white lip to soften the vertical wrinkles in her white lip. She has gotten a very nice result.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen




This is a 20Yo lady who has congenitally small lips. She desires to have a little more accentuation of her lips. She underwent an injection of 1cc of Juvederm to the upper and lower lips. Now you can see that the lip is just a little more prominent and the roll of the lip is more defined. The goal in injecting the lips is to make the patient appear to have natural looking lips with some definition. She does not have the overdone look that you see in some patients that have been done by unskilled doctors.

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