Thigh Lift


This is a young lady who had lost a great deal of weight with diet and exercising. About 5 years ago, she had actually undergone an abdominoplasty and now wished to address her backside. She wanted tightening of the loose skin across her flank and some improvement in her buttock contour. In the preop pictures, she noticed that she had maintained the results from her abdominoplasty for well over six years. On her backside, she had fullness in her flanks that gave her buttock a square look. Her upper portion of her buttock tended to blend into her flank collections. She underwent a buttock/thigh lift which elevated the skin across the buttocks and thighs. This involved suctioning and removal of excess skin across the flanks which converted her square buttock shape into a more (A) shape. This has given her a much more defined feminine "S" shape to her flanks and buttock. The contouring of her flanks puts her buttock contour in greater relief and much more feminine in nature.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen 


This is a 35-year-old lady that complained of the inner thighs rubbing together. Also, she had excessive hanging skin in this area. It also stayed moist in the warm summer months because of the redundant skin in the groin and medial thigh area. She noted that her shorts and jeans would rub together when she walked. She underwent a medial thigh plasty. We have completely eliminated the redundant tissue in the medial thigh area. Now the thighs do not rub together. Also, we have eliminated the excessive wetness of the medial thigh skin. As you can see on both the anterior and the posterior views, her thighs look much improved.



This is a 50-year-old lady who complains of excessive fat in the inner thighs. She also complains about the inner thighs rubbing together. She underwent a medial thigh plasty, which consisted of some liposuction of the inner thighs as well as excision of excessive skin. At the present time, the scars are quite red. When the redness gets out of the scars, they will hardly be noticeable. She can now wear swimsuits or short shorts and have nice shaped legs. We have completely eliminated the thighs rubbing together.



This is a 41- year-old lady from Destin, FL who complains of excessive looseness in the medial thigh area. She says that her thighs rub together when she wears swimsuits. She also did not like the excessive looseness of the medial and anterior thigh area. She underwent a medial thigh plasty and this has eliminated her concerns with the thighs. She can now wear any type of clothes that she desires.



This is a 45-year-old lady from Destin, FL who was concerned about some excessive loose skin in the inner thighs as well as her thighs rubbing together when she wears tight fitting clothes. She underwent a medial thigh plasty. This has removed excessive skin and fat of the medial thigh area and uplifted and tightened the medial thigh skin. When the redness goes out of the scar, they will be virtually imperceptible and she should be able to wear bikinis or any other type of revealing clothes that she desires.


This is a 42YO lady from Destin, Florida. She desires to have her medial thighs improved.She says that when she wears shorts or swimsuits she doesn’t like the excessive fat and bulging in the inner thighs. 

She underwent liposuction and a medial thighplasty. This has greatly improved the shape of her thighs. Her scars will be red for about nine months and once they lose the redness, they will be barely noticeable even in swimsuits. This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.

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