Repair of Bad Outcomes from Cosmetic Surgery


This is a 35YO lady seeing me concerning some excessive fat in the flank area.  Her flanks are bulging and she says that her clothes do not fit her well.  It appears that her waist is too high. 

She underwent liposuction of the flank area.  This is significantly smoothed off her flank and has given her a nice curvature to the flank and buttocks area.  Now she can wear much more fitted clothes around the waist and love handle area.

This is a 35YO lady that has had a previous breast augmentation by another surgeon.  The inferior poles of her breasts have stretched.  This has made the nipples look high and the implants look too low.  She has lost all the superior fullness in her breasts.  I have done a reconstructive mastopexy on her.  Now the nipples appear to be in the more appropriate position and the breasts have a much better shape. 

This is a lady that had an attempt an abdominoplasty by non-board certified plastic surgeon.  She presents with large dog ears on each side.  Also, the scar is quite high.  She has a definite ridge well above the mons pubis and the lower part of the abdomen. 

She underwent a revision abdominoplasty.  Now, she has a much better shape to the waist from the front and back view.  We have eliminated this high scar that she had and eliminated the excessive puckering of the skin in the lateral part of the anterior abdomen. 

She has made comments on Google about her experience and satisfaction with our office.

This is a 50-year-old lady that I am seeing with problems with her lower eyelids. She had a lower lid blepharoplasty done by a non-plastic surgeon. This resulted in both eyes pulling down significantly with the left being worse than the right. She underwent bilateral lower eyelid reconstructive surgery. Her lower lids now look better than normal.

Lower eyelid surgery is extremely difficult to perform and is fraught with a lot of complications when it is done by surgeons who do not have a lot of experience in lower eyelid surgery. Fortunately, I was able to correct this lady.

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