Belt Lipectomy


This is a middle aged healthy female seen for both a breast reduction and contouring surgery on her abdomen.  Her breasts were large and symptomatic and she was ultimately a good candidate for a breast reduction.  She also desired some improvement in her truncal contour specifically the apron across her abdomen and the fullness across her flanks.  She had excess skin and fat on her abdomen and flanks as well as stretched out muscles as a result of pregnancies.  She decided to do the abdominal surrey first to give a better idea of the size breasts she ultimately wanted to have to match the torso.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which involved tightening the rectus muscles, suctioning the abdomen and flanks, and removing excess skin across the abdomen and flanks.  This results in a circumferential scar around the torso that is low where it can be hidden.  It also elevates, triangulates, and flattens the mons to a more youthful appearance.  She now has a defined waist.  Clothes, lingerie, and swimwear fit much better.  She is more comfortable sitting.  As shown in the before and after photos sitting, she no longer has a belt of skin and fat extending out over her thighs.  She has gotten a very nice result from her surgery.  She is quite pleased and anticipates pursuing the breast surgery within the year.


This is a 42YO lady from Destin, FL. She is interested in some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen and buttocks after weight loss. She has lost a significant amount of weight and this has resulted in a lot of loose hanging skin in her abdomen and waist area as well as looseness in the buttock area.

She underwent a belt lipectomy as well as fat grafting to the buttocks. Now she has a very good shape to her body and waist area. The flatness and wrinkling of the buttocks has been filled out with the fat grafting. She can now wear any type of tight clothing and look fabulous. Before the surgery she was unable to wear revealing type clothing because of the bunching of the skin and fat.

This is a middle-aged female who has had multiple pregnancies which has resulted in stretched out abdominal wall musculature.   The loose skin from her pregnancies persists and has led to a fold across the abdomen, flanks, and upper back.  This loose skin causes the mons to descend inferiorly.  The loose skin is best addressed by excision techniques.  There are no treatments that would tighten up this amount of loose skin as well as surgery.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which is excision of skin and subcutaneous fat around the circumference of the torso.  This is combined with liposuction which has helped address the folds of the upper back and gave her a more feminine “S” shaped contour on her backside.  The abdominal wall laxity was repaired to give her a more flattened, youthful figure.  In addition, the fat suctioned from her abdomen, flanks, and back was injected into her buttock to give her a more rounded appearance.  Post operative pictures are 2 months following the procedure.  She had a completely uneventful recovery.  The scars are flat and soft and continue to improve.  She has resumed all activities except exercises that stress the abdominal muscle repair.  She has gotten a very nice result and is very pleased.



This is a lady that desires some cosmetic improvement of her waist area.  When someone has loose skin and extra fat in the waist area, there are several methods that we treat this.  One is an abdominoplasty.  An abdominoplasty excises skin in the front of the abdomen as well as tightens the muscles.  The other technique we use is a belt lipectomy which is an abdominoplasty combined with the excision of loose skin in the lateral portion of the abdomen, flank area, and the lower back area.  This procedure also helps tighten the buttocks area.  The recovery of the period of these two procedures is essentially the same.  There is more scarring with a belt lipectomy.  The scars are quite red for the first 3-6 months and then when the redness subsides, they are not very noticeable.  Usually they can be hidden by a swimsuit.  Since you wear clothes 99% of the time, scars are really negligible.

This shows a lady before and after a belt lipectomy.  As you can see, the scars are still quite red. 



This is a 50YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama.  She is interested in some cosmetic improvement of her abdominal area.  When I examined her, she had a lot of loose skin and extra fat in the abdomen.  Also, she had a lot of rolls in the upper back with very thick flanks.  I could not correct all this at one time.  Her main goal was to tighten the abdomen and flatten the abdomen and get rid of the hanging skin and fat and decrease some of the bulk and fullness in her flanks.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  This is a special kind of abdominoplasty where you actually excise skin and fat going all the way around the waist area.  By doing this, it allows you to tighten the skin in the lateral portion of the abdomen or sides of the abdomen as well as the front of the abdomen.  It also helps shape the upper buttocks area. 

This gives a better result when people have loose skin in the side of the abdomen and lower back area.  The recovery is the same whether you do a belt lipectomy or abdominoplasty. 

Pre and post-op pictures are shown where we excised the excessive skin and fat in the abdomen, sides, and lower back area.

Later, if she desires to, we can address the rolls in the upper back. 

In some cases when there is a lot of overlap of skin in the pubic area with rashes underneath the skin, insurance will pay a portion of this procedure.  In order to get this approved, we have to take pictures of the rashes and write a letter to the insurance company.



This is a middle-aged lady that has lost a significant amount of weight with diet and exercise.  She wants improvement in her truncal contour specifically the loose skin on her abdomen and fullness across her flank and upper buttocks.  She had a prior breast reduction.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which removed the fold of skin on the abdomen and the excess skin across her flanks.  Part of this procedure tightens the abdominal muscles and gives a more youthful appearance to the abdominal contour.  It elevates, triangulates, and flattens the mons pubis to get a more youthful appearance.  The excision and suctioning of the flanks improves the contour of her buttocks and actually tightens the cellulite appearance on the buttock and upper thighs.  She is extremely pleased with her new contour.  This has allowed her to wear more attractive clothing and accentuates her more feminine figure. 



This is a 38YO lady that desires some cosmetic improvement of her waist area.  She has a lot of loose skin on the abdomen and looseness of the buttock as well as flattening of the buttocks.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat grafting to the buttocks area.  We were able to uplift the buttocks as well as remove the excessive fat in the flank and sacral area.  Now her clothes fit her much better in the front and also posteriorly and she no longer has sagging, loose pants.



This is a young lady who has had several pregnancies delivered by C-sections.  She has lost a good bit of volume in her breasts over time and has developed a rounded, stretched out abdominal contour.  She wished augmentation to a D cup with upper pole fullness and a flattened more contoured abdomen.  Also, she had moderate flank collections.  She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with saline implants, abdominoplasty, and suctioning of the flanks.  She had dual plane placement of 450cc implants.  She had some small wound healing issues is the suprapubic area that ultimately healed in secondarily and revised at a later sitting.  The photographs are shown post operatively 2 months after the suprapubic scar revision.  She is now a D cup with sensate nipples.  She has a nice contour of the abdomen and flanks as well as nice buttock projection.  The abdominoplasty scar is low so that it can be hidden by intimate apparel.  Her breast size is nicely proportioned in relation to her shoulder width and now defined waist.



This is a 50YO lady that had a lot of asymmetry in her flank area.  She had a lot of bulging in the flank.  It is quite asymmetrical.  The buttocks were very flat.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat grafting to the buttocks.  She has a much better shape to her posterior side.  Her flanks look really good and she is now curved in where she was bulging out.  You can tell from the side view how flat her abdomen is now.  She had a very protuberant abdomen prior to the surgery. 

She says this has changed how she wears clothing and can now wear any type of clothes that she desires.



This is a 40YO lady that had trouble losing weight in the abdominal area.  She has a large hanging abdominal panniculus.  She has a lot of thickness in her flanks and buttocks area.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  This has removed all the loose, hanging flat of the abdomen.  It has also thinned and elevated the mons pubis.  On the posterior view, she now has a good shape to her waist and doesn’t have the excessive fullness in the upper buttock and flank area.  Also, we have been able to help some of the rolls in the lower chest and upper back area. 

She says that now her clothes fit much better and she much more confident in her appearance.



This is a 35YO lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her waist and buttock area.  Preoperatively, she had a very thick flank area with large rolls between the flanks and the bra area.  Also, her buttocks were some flattened.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and fat grafts to the buttocks.  Now her abdomen is flat and she has a much better shape to her waist area. 

This has greatly improved how her clothes fit.  It allows her to have a much more varied wardrobe.



This is a young female who wished some improvement in her torso. She wanted primarily some improvement in her buttock and flank and her abdomen to a lesser degree. She underwent a belt lipectomy with abdominoplasty which involved removal of the fat and skin from the flank area with fat injections into the buttocks to give her a more rounded buttock appearance. She is shown several months after her surgery with a much more defined feminine contour of her backside and a more rounded buttock projection and contour. This is a nice result from a Brazilian butt lift type procedure.

This lady had some prior liposuction and an old C-section scar. The scar was tethered which worsened the appearance of the loose skin primarily in her abdomen. She also had loose skin that went around the circumference of her torso at the waist level and a somewhat flattened buttock. She underwent a belt lipectomy basically to address the loose skin. Fat harvested from her flanks and abdomen was used to add more projection and roundness to her buttocks. This can be seen in the posterior oblique before and after photos. Her contour is now improved and much more feminine and the skin sleeve around her waist considerably tighter. Her scars are flat and soft and with time the redness should continue to improve.

This is a 21YO young lady that was seen for consideration for a breast augmentation.  She was a B cup. She got as large as a DD with her pregnancies. She wished to be a D cup with mild to moderate upper pole fullness.  She was seen in the office and given the opportunity to try out several implants. She wished something in the 360cc range which was very close to what she measured for.  She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with submuscular placement of silicone gel implants. There are 360cc on each side. She is a 36D. Her nipples are sensate. The creases are sharp.  She has upper pole fullness. Photographs are taken 2 months post operatively. The scars are a little red but they are flat and soft. They are non-tender. The color should improve with time.

This is a 34YO lady that had some excessive hanging skin and fat in her lower abdomen and in the flank area. She had problems with her clothes fitting properly as well as rashes beneath the skin and fat. She underwent a belt lipectomy. We have been able to flatten her abdomen and tighten the skin. I resected some excessive fat in the flank area as well. Now, she has a much better shaped waist and can wear whatever type of clothing she wishes. After about 6-8 months the scars become insignificant in most patients.
Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin



This is late 30ish female who has had several children wished improvement in her truncal contour.  She had loose abdominal skin and had loose skin around the circumference of her torso.  Her mons was low and stretched out.  She had lost a lot of contour across her back a d buttock from loose, stretched out skin.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and suctioning of the flanks and abdomen.  This operation removes redundant skin on the front and the backside and improves the frontal contour, side to side silhouette, and even the backside.  Removing excess skin and suctioning the flanks is 90% of a Brazilian butt lift and this improves and creates more “S” shaped contour going from the flank into the buttocks.  It helps raise the buttock contour and give a much more feminine shape.  It changed her backside contour from an almost perfect square to a more triangular shape and gave some roundness to her buttock and even some projection.  The transition from her buttock into her posterior thigh is more youthful and her mons is now flat and elevated.  Her muscles have been repaired and her abdomen is now flat.  You can see the contour of the rectus muscle on either side of the midline and a feminine and not over flattened abdominal contour.  The umbilicus is smaller and triangular in shape.  The scars are for the most part hidden in the depths of the umbilical cone.  She has gotten a very nice result and demonstrates many of the fine points that you wish to see on a well done abdominoplasty.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen

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