This is a 50YO lady that desired to have some improvement of the appearance of her abdomen and flanks at the time of a hysterectomy.  In the posterior view, she had a square shape to her flanks, buttocks, and hip area.  This area was liposuctioned to give her a better shape.  Now, she has more of an A shape to the buttocks and flank area.  This allows her clothes to fit much better and makes her have a shapelier appearance. 

She also had loose skin and excessive fat in the upper and lower abdomen.  She underwent an abdominoplasty at the same time.  The scars are still quite red and will remain so for about 6-9 months after surgery.

Post operatively she now has a flat, tight abdomen with a good shape. 



This is a 70YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama.  She is interested in some cosmetic improvement of the waist area.  She has some loose, hanging skin in the lower abdomen and the mons pubis area.  She has some thickness in her flank area.  She doesn’t have much shape to her body and has problems wearing clothes.

She underwent an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flank area.  Also the ptotic mons pubis area was also elevated.  This shows some pre and post op pictures where we removed all the skin from her old navel down to the pubic area.  We have repositioned the umbilicus and also elevated the mons pubis.  By liposuctioning the flanks, now she has lost the bulging in the upper hip area and her clothes fit much better now.



This is a 35YO lady from Bainbridge, Georgia that has developed a protuberant abdomen and an umbilical hernia following her pregnancy.  She has problems with the way clothes fit because her abdomen is too protuberant.  She is really a thin lady.  On the posterior view, you can see that her flanks are somewhat full and she doesn’t have a good shape to the posterior part of her waist. 

She underwent repair of umbilical hernia and an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flank area.  Her abdomen is now flat and she can wear whatever type clothing she desires.  On the posterior view, the fat has been removed from the flanks and she now has a nice contour to her waist. 

Abdominoplasty and liposuction give long lasting results to patients.



This is a 35YO lady from Enterprise, AL.  She was interested in getting some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She has had 4 children and had a lot of loose skin with hanging fat and loose muscle.  This cannot be helped with exercise and diet alone.  She underwent an abdominoplasty with repair of the diastasis. 

Post operative photos are shown.  As you can see, the abdomen is quite flat now and we have eliminated the hanging fat and skin.  The scar that she has will fade over time usually taking around 6-9 months.

If she maintains a relatively stable weight, she will maintain a good, flat abdomen for years to come.



This is a young lady that was interested in some truncal contouring.  She has had several pregnancies that have resulted in a stretched out rounded abdomen with loose skin in the lower portion.  In addition, she has a lot of fullness across the flanks which have blunted the definition of her buttocks.  She wished some definition from the rectus muscles on the anterior abdominal wall.  She underwent an abdominoplasty which included some liposuction to recreate the raffia in the midline and the edges of the rectus sheath.  This flattened her abdomen and removed the redundant skin.  Placing the scar low elevated and triangulated the mons.  The suctioned fat from her abdomen and flanks was added across the superior and superior lateral aspects of her buttock to give more projection and a more rounded appearance.  Suctioning of the flanks gave better definition of the buttocks.  She is shown 2 months after her surgery.  She has resumed all activities accept any exercises that would stress the abdominal muscle repair.



This is a 30YO lady that has loose skin on her abdomen.  The muscles are loose and protuberant.  She desires to have the abdomen tightened and the excessive skin removed.  She underwent an abdominoplasty.  Now she has very tight skin on the abdomen and the abdomen is flat.  The muscles have been repaired.  Usually after an abdominoplasty, patients do not need to do abdominal exercises to keep the tone.  It usually stays tight for years.



This is a 30YO lady from Fort Walton Beach, FL that desired some improvement of her abdomen and flank area.  She has a protuberant lower abdomen with a lot of loose skin and stretch marks.  She also has some fat in the flank area.  This keeps her from having a nice shape to her waist.  The patient underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks.  Her abdomen is now tight and flat.  She now has a good shape to the waist.  She now has a nice curvature to the waist area as a result of the liposuction to her flanks.  Her clothes fit much better in her waist and she now has a more feminine and attractive figure.



This is a young lady that has had several children and wanted some improvement in her torso.  Childbirth had caused her to lose her waistline.  She had developed a more rounded, protuberant abdomen with some loose skin.  She had developed some fat across the ribs above her abdomen also.  She had developed more square shape as opposed to a more contoured figure.  She had lost her buttock projection and had some deficiency in the roundness of her buttock laterally.  She underwent an abdominoplasty with suctioning of her flanks with fat grafting to her buttocks.  This was done primarily to improve the round contour of her buttock as opposed to more projection.  We suctioned the flank to create a more concave contour which in return creates the illusion of a greater buttock projection.  She has gotten a very nice improvement in her abdomen, flanks, and buttocks.  She finds now that her clothing fits more appropriately and her contour is more feminine.  It has given her a much greater sense of satisfaction in her self esteem.



This is lady that I saw for some contouring surgery.  She had been on a weight loss program that included exercise which pretty much plateaued.  She wanted improvement in her breasts, flanks, and abdomen.  She had a relatively square torso, slight abdominal pannus with a rounded abdomen, and a diastasis (separation of the rectus muscles in the midline).  Her flank collections were moderate.  She had good projection on her buttocks.  She had a significant amount of fat inside her abdominal cavity which does limit how tight you can get the diastasis repair.  She underwent a series of operations.  The first was augmentation/mastopexy.  She wanted her breasts larger and back up on her chest.  In her case, we were able to accomplish that with scars about the circumference of the areola.  She retained nipple sensation.  Her breasts are now bigger and much fuller that no longer rest on her abdomen.  She subsequently underwent an abdominoplasty with some suctioning of her flanks.  The suctioning of the flanks was mainly to help define the iliac crest.  The muscles were repaired and the excess skin was excised.  This also had the secondary benefit of elevating and flattening the mons pubis.  She is shown 2 months post operatively from the abdominoplasty and suctioning.  She still has some swelling in the lower abdomen and across the flanks which will continue to improve over time.  The operation has helped define her waist and made her breasts more proportional to her body size and shape.



This is a 32YO lady from Pensacola Florida.  She was interested in getting some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She has a lot of loose skin on the abdomen and a protuberant lower abdomen.  It bothers her when she wears swimsuits or tight fitting jeans.

Post operative pictures show her after she has undergone an abdominoplasty.  We have tightened the skin and the abdomen is now quite flat.  The scar is still red because it is a newly formed scar but will fade with time and should barely be perceptible at all.



This lady has had a prior abdominoplasty.  This was designed with the scar considerably higher than where it is normally placed.  It makes it difficult to hide in today’s clothing.  She wished a scar revision to make it lay more flat and put it lower on her abdomen so that she could wear more revealing clothing without exposing the scar.  This was done in the operating room.  We revised and lowered the scar and defatted the mons at the same time.  She has gotten a very nice result from the surgery.  The scar is flat and soft.  It is still red but that will improve with time.  The contour of the mons is now more feminine and flat. 



This is a 32YO lady from Troy, AL who desires some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She notes that she has some protuberance of the abdomen.  She says that she looks as if she is pregnant in all of her clothes because her abdomen protrudes so much.  She has some loose skin and excessive fat in the abdomen.  She underwent an abdominoplasty.  The muscles of her abdomen were tightened at the time the excessive skin and fat were removed.  She now has a flat and much tighter abdomen.  For the first 6-9 months the scar is somewhat reddened but after this, it usually fades and becomes much less noticeable.


This is a 40YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama who desires some improvement of her abdomen. She had some loose skin in the abdominal area as well as some fullness in her flank area. She desired to have the abdomen flat. She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks. She has done quite well with this. Right now, she has a very flat abdomen and a good  shape to the waist area. She should be able to maintain these results for many years.

This is a 40YO lady from Panama City, Florida.  She desired to have some tightening of her abdomen with some of the loose skin and fat removed.  Also, she had a lot of back rolls that were bothering her and she wanted improvement in those. Pre-operatively you can see the excessive rolls that she has on the back.  She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the back rolls with freeing of the adherent scar tissue. Now her back is much smoother and her waist is well defined. She can now wear any kind of tight fitting clothing that she desires.  


 This is a 35YO lady from Andalusia Alabama. She is interested in some cosmetic improvement of her waist. She has a protuberant abdomen with some hanging fat in the suprapubic area. Also, she has some marked rolls in the back area with fullness in the flank area. She underwent abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks. She now has a flat abdomen and striking figure. These procedures last for many years. The procedure is done as an overnight admission. The scars are usually red for around 9 months and once the redness fades, they are barely visible.

This is a 39YO lady that desires some cosmetic improvement of the abdomen and waist area.  She had very thick fat in the flanks as well as in the abdomen. She also had some loose skin of the abdomen.  She desired to have more fullness in her buttocks. We have done an abdominoplasty and liposuction of her flanks.  We have put some fat in the buttocks area. She now has a much better shape to the buttocks and the flank area. The scar will stay red for about 9 months.  Once the scar loses its redness, it is barely noticeable.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin


This is a healthy lady who had a prior augmentation mastopexy with saline implants.  At that time, her nipple areolar complexes were large and I was not able to get all the areola pigment out of the mastopexy.  There was some areola pigment left on the midline scar associated with the mastopexy.  She wished her breasts rounded and the pigment removed from the breast skin.  She also was participating in a fitness competition and wanted to minimize the animation seen with submuscular implants.  She had children and had some loose skin on her abdomen.  All of her muscles were tight.  At the time of the redo aug/mastopexy with conversion to a subglandular plane, she had an abdominoplasty.  The scar was placed low where it could be hidden within intimate clothing.  This resulted in an elevated, flattened, and triangular mons.  The suctioning gave some contour to the midline of the abdomen and at the junction between the rectus abdominis muscles and the external obliques.  She has gotten a very nice result.  The scars are only 2 months out and they will continue to fade over time.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen

This is 26YO lady from Destin, Florida.  She had a quite protuberant abdomen from previous pregnancies.  She also has no shape to the abdomen or the flank area.  She has some excessive rolls of fat in the posterior view. 

She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of her flanks and lower back area.  Now she can wear much more tight fitting clothing without being embarrassed. 

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin

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