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Women looking for breast enlargement come from all walks of life. Everyone has a different story about why she wants to improve the size and shape of her breasts. Some want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads, others just want to feel normal and blend in. Some want to be the person they've dreamed about, others just want to feel like themselves again.

At the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, we understand that your desire for breast enlargement is personal, and we want to work with you so you get the procedure that best reflects your personal desires and goals.

Breast Enlargment

This page can run through the basic options, but we would be happy to discuss your breast augmentation options in person so that you can get detailed recommendations that reflect your goals and starting place. Please contact us today to talk to Dr. Charles Feagin or Dr. William Owen about your breast enlargement options.

Your Breast Enlargement Options

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, can be customized through several of the surgical variables. In customizing your breast enlargement procedure, you can choose:

  • Size of breast implant
  • Type of breast implant
  • Placement of breast implant
  • Location of surgical incision

Each of these can affect your results, and we can help you make the decisions that will give you the look you want from your procedure.

Breast Implant Size

The size of breast implants used in your breast enlargement are crucial to getting you the results you desire. Of course you want larger breasts, but how much larger? The board-certified plastic surgeon at the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center have extensive experience with helping women get great results from breast enlargement and can help you to understand what size breast implants can help you look natural and proportional. If you are trying to restore volume your breasts have lost due to weight loss or pregnancy, you probably desire a natural-looking result that looks attractive and addresses any sagging you have, potentially by combining breast implants with a breast lift. On the other hand, you may be looking to get breast enlargement to have larger breasts that will get attention and may not care that people will be able to tell that you have had surgery.

In general, smaller implants look more natural, while larger implants will help you achieve a "flashier" appearance. We will listen to your appearance goals, perform measurements, and give recommendations about the best size breast implants for you.

Types of Breast Implants

Breast implant types are distinguished by fill material and shape. Breast implants can be filled with either saline solution or silicone gel. In general, silicone gel looks and feels more natural, but is more expensive and has more restrictions, such as only being available for boob jobs for women age 22 and older. Silicone gel is strongly recommended for women who are thin and have little natural breast tissue to cover the implant, but most women can get good-looking results from either saline or silicone implants.

Breast implants can either be round or anatomic in shape. Most breast enlargement patients do well with round breast implants. Anatomic shape breast implants are used most commonly for breast reconstruction. Round breast implants also come in a number of profiles, which can help women with a narrow frame get the projection they desire without making their chest look overcrowded.

Placement of Breast Implant

In breast enlargement surgery, the breast implants are placed either directly under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. When the implants are placed under the breast tissue, it is known as subglandular placement. When they are placed under the muscle, it is known as submuscular placement. In general, Dr. Feagin and Dr. Owen prefer submuscular placement of implants because it decreases the risk of capsular contracture and does a better job of covering the implant, which is especially important when saline implants are being used.

Breast Enlargement Incision Options

Breast enlargement can be performed using one of three different incision locations:

  • Inframammary (in the breast crease)
  • Periareolar (below the nipple)
  • Transaxillary  (in the armpit)

All three of these incisions can give good results, and which is used depends on the artistry of the surgeon. During your consultation, we will discuss these options in detail and talk about which is best for your situation.

Why Feagin & Owen for Your Breast Enlargement

To get the breast enlargement results you desire, you need to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who listens to your cosmetic goals and then puts his expertise at your service. Our plastic surgeons, Dr. Charles Feagin and Dr. William Owen, start by listening to you and then making recommendations to help you get the results you desire. In their 50 years of combined experience helping women in and around Dothan, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia, and Panama City, Florida, our surgeons have learned how each of these breast enlargement options works together to create the final combined result of your breast enlargement procedure.

To learn more about how you can get the breast enlargement procedure you desire, please call or email the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule your consultation.

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