Thank You Dr. Owen for Being on Top of Your Game

I recently had a belt lipectomy (June2016) I did a lot of research on who I wanted to perform this life changing surgery over the past year prior. I chose Dr Owen from Feagin & Owen in Dothan AL. Almost every person I approached that wore scrubs from a hospital highly recommended Dr Owen is the person I wanted. I made the consult appt and found Dr Owen to be very professional. He always expressed any concerns or question about my surgery I could contact him any time. A little back ground on myself 10 yrs ago I had gastric bypass surgery after weighing in at 350 lb. I have thought about this surgery for the past 3 yrs. I lost a total of 150lb and slowly crept 35 lb thru the yrs. My idea weight I wanted to achieve is 200. I'm 5-11. After removing 16 lb hanging off my body I came out of surgery weighting 219. Today I'm 213 and going to reach my goal with my new found inspiration of this new body. I went from a Lane Bryant 20 to a 16. I'm amazed every time I actually look at myself now at the work Dr Owen  has performed as it was a struggle removing 16lbs. I plan on doing a small revision after a year just to perfect the final touches. I would highly recommend Dr Owen if you are planning this body transforming surgery. He never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed when I had to reveal the part of myself I was most embarrassed by. He is truly a professional and only looked at my issue as the best way to achieve the best results for me. Thank you Dr. Owen for being on top of your game and truly want the best for your patients.


The Surgery and Healing Went Flawlessly 

I have used Dr. Owen for three procedures this year and I am extremely happy with his work. He truly listened to my concerns and gave me excellent advice with each procedure. Each procedure was done to perfection! The first procedure involved the removal of implants that were too large. This surgery was difficult because Dr. Owen had to also repair damage caused by the implants. The surgery and healing went flawlessly. I was so impressed by Dr. Owen, six months later I had him perform a breast augmentation. Unlike the previous plastic surgeon, Dr. Owen advised me correctly on the proper size implant that best fit my frame. Once again, I was completely thrilled with his work. The final surgery consisted of Rhino/Septoplasty to correct a deviated septum. Allowing three surgeries shows the level of trust and confidence I placed in Dr. Owen. I would highly recommend Dr. Owen to anyone considering plastic surgery.


I Would Highly Recommend Dr. Owen to Anyone in Need of a Plastic Surgeon

I had a breast augmentation with mastopexy the end of October. I was well pleased with results. Dr. Owen was very informative of what to expect. Dr. Owen would only do what looked right. He was a very nice and professional doctor. You could not ask for a better group of people. His staff was friendly and helpful anytime you needed them. I would highly recommend Dr. Owen to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon.


Way To Go Dr. Owen

I had a breast reduction and lift on Feb. 1, 2017. Dr. Owen is very professional. He makes you feel that he is going to take great care of you and he does. He takes his time and works his magic. He told me that I would be happy, but I never imagined that I would look and feel like a new woman. I've shown my female family members his work and they were left speechless. I have shared his contact information with several female family members and friends. If I were to leave a final message, I would say, "Do it and experience immediate satisfaction and freedom from neck, back, and shoulder pain." Oh, and did I tell you that I had minimal pain and discomfort? Way to go Dr. O!


Thank You So Much Dr. Owen!

I've known about Dr. Owen's work for years and decided to have a breast lift with implants in January. I didn't want to be too big, just proportional for my body and he did an amazing job! I absolutely love my new breasts! The OR staff is amazing too! Thank you so much Dr. Owen!


I Could Not Be More Pleased With the Results!!! Thanks Dr. Owen

Dr.Owen is a wonderful Doctor! I had three kiddos and had been struggling with loose mommy skin and separated muscles for quite some time. I decided to go see Dr.Owen for a tummy tuck with muscle repair...he was very informative and told me everything to expect. I scheduled my surgery in a very timely manner. I could not be more pleased with the results!!! I now have the flat tummy I have been missing for the past 6 years!! Thanks to Dr.Owen and his amazing staff!!!!


I Would Recommend Dr. Owen to Anyone

I had contemplated getting my breasts enlarged for a few years, as I was always self conscious about how small they were. I decided to do all of my research regarding the "pros vs cons" as well as asked others who have had it done how they liked theirs. Once I had done my research, I picked a Plastic Surgeon who I had asked around about as well as read about and decided on Dr. Owen of Feagin & Owen. I scheduled my consult with him and could not have been happier with him. I was able to talk to him about all of my concerns about having Breast Augmentation surgery. He answered all of my questions with professionalism and eased any concerns I may have had. I was able to look at the different sizes of Breasts and together we decided what would be best for my body as well as what I was wanting to achieve with a natural look. I left the consult nervous but confident I was making a good decision. My surgery was performed about 3 weeks later and aside from the typical post surgery side effects and pain everything went smoothly. I am so much happier in my appearance and walk with a new confidence. I would recommend Dr. Owen to anyone.


Breast Augmentation Review for Dr. Owen

I recently had a breast augmentation with mastopexy! I am completely satisfied with the way they look! My scars are already almost gone completely! He was very professional and informative throughout the entire process. He made me very comfortable and at ease . His staff was very friendly, and I never had to wait in the waiting room. They would see me as soon as I got there! I am thrilled with my results!


Tummy Tuck, Buttock & Thigh Lift Review for Dr. Owen

I had major plastic surgery on 9/23/15. My surgeon was Dr. William A. Owen. During my initial visit; he explained everything he would do for me and the pros and cons.   He allowed me all the time I needed to ask questions and discuss any issues that I had. After the surgery my follow up assessments were very through and always followed by my questions and discussion. The patience and professionalism that Dr. Owen exhibited was amazing. My surgery consisted of a "tummy-tuck, buttock and thigh lift and lipo. I am 65 y.o. and now I am re-designed! I and my family are very pleased with my surgery and Dr. Owen performed an excellent "work" on me. 

THANK YOU,  Dr. William A. Owen 

(J.W. Tupelo, Ms. )


"Thankful and Blessed to have Dr. Owen as my Dr."

On May 5th, 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, after talking with my surgeon I decided to have a double mastectomy and have Breast reconstruction done at the same time. My surgeon highly recommended and referred me to Dr. Owen for my Breast reconstruction. I had my first visit with Dr. Owen, I was scared and nervous, but after meeting Dr. Owen and after my first visit with him I felt relieved and comfortable with my decision. I was so scared about having the surgery, but Dr. Owen answered all my questions and put my mind at ease and calmed all my fears that I was having, and on May 18th 2015, I had my surgery.


I can not say enough good things about Dr. Owen and his staff, they are all very professional and very friendly. Olivia and Kristin always greet you with a smile and are always very helpful. Dr. Owen spends time with his patients and will answer all your questions truthfully, he is very knowledgeable and he's very honest with you, he explains everything with you in detail. I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Owen, just had my 3rd and from the very first to the 3rd, he always seen me each morning right before my surgery, he has the best Bedside manner as a Dr. and he truly cares for his patients. I always felt very safe, comfortable and knew he would take care of me. He always made sure I wasn't in any pain, and made sure all of my incisions were healing. He's been right there with me throughout this entire journey, what started out being so horrific for me being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and all the emotions that come with that was absolutely awful, but Dr. Owen changed all that.


He gave me hope, peace, confidence, showed me compassion and he gave me back a part of my body that Cancer took from me, he made me feel and look normal and beautiful again. Dr. Owen is truly my HERO out of all this, he is a wonderful surgeon! He is an Excellent Dr. I am so HAPPY with my results from my Breast Reconstruction, and Dr. Owen will always be my Dr. I would highly recommend him to anyone including my family and friends. I am so Thankful and Blessed to have Dr. Owen as my doctor!!


Mommy Makeover Review by A.S. for Dr. Owen

I would like to start by saying thank you to Dr. Owen and his staff. I truly enjoyed every aspect of my surgery from start to finish and especially loving my results. My only regret is that I did not use Dr. Owen the first time I had plastic surgery!!! I really dont know where to start but the beginning.

About 5 years ago I had a "Mommy Makeover" - a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I was not happy with my results and questioned my doctor about the scar, the scar placement, and the pooching or "shelving" over the scar. He said there was not much that could be done. I also questioned him about my lift not being very lifted and a bulging spot under my left breast, I was told it would all go away in time that I was just healing. And as far as liposuction he said there wasn't much he could do because I didn't have much fat. I disagreed but I thought well if thats what the doctor said thats what it must be. So for the next five years I worked out constantly...fighting trying to get rid of my pooch and love handles...it would never go away...would look worse!! Well after fighting this pooch for 5 years with my clothes, underwear, swim suits, and working out I finally had enough and decided to get a second opinion. My best friend just had plastic surgery and highly recommended Dr. Owen. So very cautiously I went to see him. He saw EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM AREA IMMEDIATELY!! And not only that said he could DEFINITELY FIX THEM!! And that he DID...I no longer have to fight with my clothes...and now Im excited to workout hard again because I will actually get the results!!

My personal experience with this clinic was amazing and completely different from what I experienced with the other clinic I used for my first surgery. I did not feel as though I was being rushed with the doctor at all and actually felt as though he was concerned with my feelings, worries and doubts. I never waited more then 5-10 minutes in the waiting room before being called back to meet with him, which amazes me considering the time he spends with his patients, great scheduling. His staff was always very professional, sweet, and helpful. Dr. Owen has wonderful bedside manner!! I felt very comfortable with him and he was very realistic and thorough when discussing my concerns, fears and results! Although I was very nervous considering I was dealing with a scar revision from a previous tummy tuck along with a new procedure of lipo, he made me feel comfortable and confident with his skills and capabilities. Dr. Owen ran into some pretty big unexpected complications with my surgery but STILL was able to get the end result I wanted and I am so thankful to now have a flat stomach and not constantly trying to hide an ugly scar and pooching. 

I have already and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Owen to anyone considering plastic surgery of any kind. I already know that I will be back when it's time for my breast implant revision. Thank you all so much f or making this experience 110% better in EVERY way than my past experience! 


Belt Lipectomy Review for Dr. Owen by W.S.

Dr. Owen came highly recommended from a trusted friend who is also a nurse. I am very happy that I chose to have this surgery and could not have found a better surgeon. Dr. Owen and his staff are very friendly. Dr. Owen is a very knowledgeable doctor and went above and beyond to make sure that I was not only happy with my results but also that I understood what would happen during the surgery and after. He took very good care of me during my recovery period, making sure all my incisions were healing well and that I was not in pain or having any issues. I am now 3 months post op and feeling and looking great!

I would highly recommend Dr. Owen to anyone who is considering a belt lipectomy or other cosmetic procedure. I would love to have other body shaping done and would not even think of going anywhere but to Dr. Owen.


Breast Augmentation Review for Dr. Owen

I never been happier with myself and the work that Dr Owen did! Pain was minimum and results of breast augmentation are AMAZING!! Highly recommend him and his wonderful office staff! I was very worried and skeptical about being too large but he was able to give me exactly what was right for my body. If you're worried at all you need to see them. They make dreams come true. 


Body Lift Revision Review for Dr. Owen by A.D.

After losing 112 pounds I had a full body lift, additional thigh and butt lift, breast lift and breast augmentation, all with Dr. Owen. Dr. Owen is a true professional. He tells the patient like it is and thoroughly explains what can and cannot be done. He provides options and works with the patient to decide the best course possible for the best outcome.

I would never trust another plastic surgeon like I trust Dr. Owen. I will always come back to Dr. Owen for any surgical procedures in the future because he is a perfectionist, has made major dramatic improvements to my entire body and spirit beyond my expectations, and he is honest.

After three surgeries with Dr. Owen I can honestly say that he really knows what he is doing and made changes to my body that I could have never expected. I was scared to death before my first surgery and now I have no fear at all about having a procedure or surgery done by Dr. Owen, I trust him explicitly.

The office staff is wonderful and have become like family to me, I truly look forward to seeing them. They always fit me in last minute if I have a question or need to be seen. I have never waited on Dr. Owen and barely sit down before they are calling me back to my room. Dr. Owen is a great doctor for any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure and will forever be my doctor.

Thank you so much for my new life Dr. Owen!!


Breast Reduction Review by M.W. for Dr. Owen

On April 14, 2014 I had a breast reduction. Two weeks after everything was removed and I was feeling better, my life started to change. I felt so much better about my appearance. During my consultation with Dr. Owen, he made me feel confident in my decision. I felt I was too old to do anything about my appearance. After talking to Dr. Owen, he explained everything and gave me time to make up my mind if that was what I wanted to do. I'm glad I had the surgery and feeling good about myself. It's never too late to do anything about your appearance. Thanks to Dr. Owen, I got my sexy back!

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