Very Satisfied With the Natural Feel and Confidence I Have Gained. 

Great overall experience with Dr. Feagin, Very personable and explains every detail of procedure well. I also switched from saline to silicone implants and am very satisfied with the natural feel and confidence I have gained. I would highly recommend Dr. Feagin and will be using him in the future for any cosmetic procedures.


It Has Given Me the Confidence I Have Been Missing for a Long While. 

I highly recommend Dr. Feagin!! He does great work at an affordable price. I love what he has done for me, it has given me the confidence I have been missing for a long while.


Dr. Feagin Is the Best Plastic Surgeon I Have Met!

Poland Syndrome was my life. Dr. Feagin is the best Plastic Surgeon I have met and I have met many of them across Alabama! I had one breast that was a DD cup and my affected breast was an A cup. Dr. Feagin and his wonderful staff have been great! Dr. Feagin's plan was to put an implant on left to get it to a full C cup if possible and then a reduction and lift to my right breast. I scheduled the surgery for April 25, 2017.  Since then I have healed really well. Dr. Feagin an his staff have been wonderful through the after care as well. They have answered all my crazy questions and concerns. the stretching of the left breast is still happening which is great- that means it's slowly getting bigger to match up to the right side. I would recommend Dr. Feagin to anyone for any plastic surgery that they need.


My Stomach Is Flat and Fabulous. 

Dr. Feagin did a fantastic job. My stomach is flat and fabulous. He gave great detail and insight on exactly what he was doing and what I needed to a great result I have no scar tissue and you can now barely see my incisions. I recommend anyone that is interested in a tummy took ..go see him... He's the best.


Thanks to Dr. Feagin

After 20 years I decided to have my Implants re-checked and thanks to Dr. Feagin and his great work they are still going strong!!


I Have Not Seen My Stomach This Flat in over 30 Years! 

Dr. Feagin and his staff were so wonderful during my surgery!  I am a happy person! I have not seen my stomach this flat in over 30 years- Thank you again Dr. Feagin, you made me a happy person!


The Results Were Far Beyond My Expectations! 

Dr. Feagin and his staff are second to none! Everyone has been so incredibly sweet and professional. My recovery is going well and the results were far beyond my expectations!  For anyone contemplating these types of procedures, there is no one else I would recommend. Dr. Feagin, thank you for giving my confidence back!


I'm 35 Years Old and I Just Bought My First Bikini! 

I've had a great experience! Having this procedure has changed my life! I'm 35 years old and I just bought my first bikini... And I live at the beach. I lost 180 lbs and the skin left behind was a lot. I wanted to have perfectly straight scars and that's what Dr. Feagin gave me. It's changed my confidence in and out of clothes. He had great bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable.


He Is Always so Concerned with My Comfort. I Would Never Go Anywhere Else. 

I have been coming to see Dr. Feagin for years. He does my Botox & fillers. I've had a body lift done & I couldn't be more happy. You can't even see a scar. I've had my breast done 3 times with him. He is always concerned with if I am ever in any pain. Constantly asking if I need anything or if he can do anything else for me. He is always so concerned with my comfort. I would never go anywhere else. As a person, as a doctor, he is an amazing person. He is an amazing surgeon. After 14 years of seeing him I know, I could never see anyone else. The staff & Dr. Feagin are very personable & friendly. I never feel like I am just a number. I always feel like I am important & they care for all their patients. He continues to ask me what I want, but will advise against anything that would not be in my best interest. He doesn't change your physical appearance, he only makes it better. He always wants a natural outcome to any procedure he does. He listens to every question I have & does everything he can to help me & help me understand the procures. I am never nervous when going into surgery with him. I know he would never make me look like something that I am not or unnatural. He cares for his patients & wants what's best. He won't do anything he feels is inappropriate for your body. I could never be more pleased with any doctor. I could go on & on. But I am nothing but pleased with Dr. Feagin & his entire staff.


I Have Been Extremely Happy with My Results 

From my consultation to the surgery, everyone in the office, along with Dr. Feagin, has been extremely helpful and informative. I came in looking for some tummy and breast work, as I had lost 60 pounds through exercise. Dr. Feagin explained everything to me in detail about the surgery and the realistic results that would occur. The "simulation" picture was a good tool to help me see my estimated results. Dr. Feagin was very caring and explained all my limitations after surgery and what to expect. I have been extremely happy with my results and would definitely refer him to other possible clients who are looking to better their life and self-esteem.


Easiest Surgery I've Ever Had 

Wanted reduction for years. Dr. Feagin got insurance approved and had it done within the month. Very little pain/discomfort. Back to work and driving in a week. They are beautiful and high and light. Still big enough. Easiest surgery I've ever had.  


Stunned Policeman 

I had a facelift with Dr. Feagin & my results were 100 times better than I ever imagined. I was pulled over by a police officer & he asked for my drivers license. I gave it to him, and he said to me, "This is not you, this has to be your mother." I quickly told him to check with my doctor. I can't explain how happy I am with Dr. Feagin & my results. I feel & look so much younger than I ever expected to.


Dr. Feagin Has Magic Hands

I'm a year out of surgery on my arms, scars are barely noticeable. I Had a tummy tuck going all the way around 2-7-17. I am so very pleased. I have no regrets at all. If there is a regret it's because I did not have it sooner. Dr. Feagin has magic hands....to take the red hot mess of my body and make me proud to hold my head up because the jelly rolls around my waist are gone. On top that my bat wings are gone from my arms. I can now wear short tank tops and be confident again. THANK YOU DR. FEAGiN....you gave me my smile and self-confidence back -Anonymous


Absolutely Wonderful Experience 

Absolutely wonderful experience. I would recommend Dr. Feagin to everyone! Extremely happy with rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.  -Anonymous


Dr. Feagin Is Very Understanding and Knew Just What I Wanted

It was great. Dr. Feagin is very understanding and knew just what I wanted. The office staff is nice and helpful with any questions I had prior to surgery and afterward. I was back at work after couple days and hardly any pain at all. I would highly recommend this office for any surgery you may need.  -Anonymous


I Recommend Him to Anyone 

I had 'no boobs' when I was young, so I decided to get implants with Dr. Feagin. They were perfect and I kept them for about 11 years but then I had gained weight and had a child so they were just too big. Dr. Feagin went back in and took the implants out and did a lift. I am so happy! They are perfect. I would recommend him to anyone and also anyone that feels that their implants are just too big now, a lift is the answer.  -Anonymous


(Dr. Feagin) Listened to Exactly What I Wanted!

Words can not describe how wonderful Dr. Feagin is. I recently had a breast augmentation revision. He listened to exactly what I wanted and the outcome blew my mind. He does great work!  -Anonymous


Dr. Feagin Is Absolutely Fantastic

This was the BEST decision I have ever made and Dr. Feagin is absolutely fantastic!  Anyone needing a neck lift needs to look no further than Dr. Feagin.  You will not regret it!  -Anonymous


Seeing is Believing. Thanks Dr. Feagin

I'm Kathy M. from Geneva, Alabama. I want to tell everyone a story about having a tummy tuck. Dr Feagin was my doctor. He is a wonderful doctor and so is his staff. I had great results. My clothes fit better, my stomach shape is outstanding. I feel better. I do things now that I couldn't do before. I encourage everyone that is thinking about having a tummy tuck... Don't think about it... DO IT! Once again, seeing is believing. I want to thank Dr. Feagin and his staff for the wonderful job they did.


Should Have Had It Done Sooner. Thanks Dr. Feagin

I had this done about five years ago. It was virtually pain-free and I was back to work in days. I now have the prettiest arms at the gym. No more sagging skin and I am back in sleeveless tops again. Should have had it done sooner. Thanks Dr. Feagin. -Anonymous

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