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Common Questions

Questions About Blepharoplasty

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is another name for eyelid surgery. It is a surgical procedure that helps to restore a youthful, energetic appearance to your eyes by removing excess, sagging skin and the fat that can make your eyelids puffy. It can be performed on the upper and/or the lower lids.


How Do I Know if I Need a Blepharoplasty?

Often, the first sign you might need a blepharoplasty is if people start asking you if you are tired, sad, or angry, no matter your mood or energy level. You may also notice that your eyelids are sagging or looking puffy. You may notice that you look tired, sad, or old. Do you have trouble holding your eyelids open in the afternoon? However, aging in the eye area is complicated, and it can be hard to know what procedures might be best in your case without an evaluation by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


What Can a Blepharoplasty Correct?

  • A blepharoplasty can address:

  • Obstruction of your visual field

  • Sagging or heavy eyelids

  • Slack or hanging skin from eyelids

  • Eyelids puffy with fat

  • Dark circles or hollows under the eyes

  • Difficulty keeping eyes open


Can a Bleph Be Covered by Insurance?

Yes. If your visual field is affected, insurance may pay for your blepharoplasty. We have helped many people who were suffering visual field impairment to get their medically-necessary blepharoplasty paid for by insurance. If you want to learn more about insurance and other payment options for blepheroplasty, please schedule a consultation at the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgical Center.


Why Should I See a Plastic Surgeon and Not an Ophthalmologist for My Blepharoplasty?

Many doctors claim they are "cosmetic surgeons," but a board-certified plastic surgeon is trained in all the techniques that address the eye area and are uniquely qualified to integrate these procedures into a comprehensive anti-aging plan, including blepharoplasty. Many different types of surgeons can improve your vision by a blepheroplasty, but a cosmetic plastic surgeon has the knowledge and skill to maximally improve your appearance while improving your vision.

At the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, both of our surgeons, Dr. Charles A. Feagin & Dr. William Owen are board-certified plastic surgeons. They have an impeccable reputation among their patients and in the area for giving their patients results that are both natural and attractive. We invite you to decide for yourself by looking at our Before & After gallery, which shows just some of the thousands of great results we have gotten for our patients.

Can My Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Be Done at the Same Time?

Yes. It is common for both surgeries to be performed at the same time.


What Type of Lower Lid Blepharoplasty Do I Need?

The type of lower lid blepharoplasty recommended for you depends on the exact conditions of aging in your lower lids. If you just have puffiness in the lower lids, then we can perform a transconjunctival blepheroplasty, whose only incision is inside the lower eyelid. If you need excess skin removed, a secondary incision is made just below the lower eyelashes. Finally, drooping in the lower lids can be corrected using a canthopexy, which tightens the ligaments that support the lower eyelid, thus correcting “sad looking eyes”.

What Other Procedures Help Rejuvenate the Eye Area?

A blepharoplasty addresses an aged appearance that relates directly to your eyelids. However, the eye area is complicated, and aging in your eye area may be due to other factors. If your brow is hanging, a forehead lift will elevate your brow and potentially reduce some appearance of tiredness or age in the eye area. For crow's feet, BOTOX® Cosmetic is the recommended treatment. If you have dark circles or hollows under your eyes, blepharoplasty may be able to help, but you might also benefit from dermal filler injections or fat grafting.

To learn more about our board-certified plastic surgeons and how we can help, please call the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center today.

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