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Our Procedures - Buttock Augmentation/Brazilian Butt Lift

Feagin & Owen Specialize in Brazilian Butt Lifts

Want a butt that turns heads when you pass by? Do you want to feel comfortable showing your derriere in a swimsuit, tight skirt, or fitted jeans? Whether you have never been comfortable with the appearance of your butt or if you used to have an attractive rear that has recently fallen flat, buttock augmentation can help. Using nothing but your own fat, taken from areas where you don't want it, buttock augmentation can give you fuller, more curvaceous, uplifted buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation and Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the upper buttocks and pulls up the skin, fat, and muscle of the buttocks to give them a firmer, more pert appearance. However, the location of the incision on the top of the buttocks makes the procedure less desirable for many people, even though the results are otherwise very good. Often, it is only done in combination with other body lift procedures, such as a belt tummy tuck.

Buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift, on the other hand, elevates the buttocks, giving them a lifted appearance, by filling them with your own fat in such a way that creates a youthful, pert contour. Although this procedure cannot create buttocks for people who have essentially none, it can give fuller, rounded buttocks to people who feel they do not have full enough buttocks. It can also help people whose buttocks have begun to sag as a result of age or weight loss.

How Buttock Augmentation Works

Buttock augmentation begins with liposuction of unwanted fat from a suitable donor region. You can probably think of one or two you might nominate, and we'll let you know if they are good donor regions for your butt augmentation. Once the fat is removed, it is purified and re-injected into your buttocks. The injection pattern is designed to recontour the buttocks to give them the desired shape and size.

Small injections are used to increase the likelihood that the injected fat will survive The surviving fat becomes a long lasting addition to the buttocks, giving long-lasting or even lifelong contouring to your buttocks. Sometimes, you may need a second round of injections to fill in small irregularities. This can normally be done using fat taken and stored from the first liposuction.

You may need to take a couple days off for recovery. Your buttocks may be tender for several days after your procedure. Your buttocks may initially appear larger than desired, due to swelling and overinjection to account for the fact that not all fat will survive, but over a few weeks the results should develop into the shape you desire.

Why Choose Feagin & Owen for Your Buttock Augmentation Procedure?

Buttock augmentation and other fat grafting procedures are more art than science at this point. The quality of your results depends partly on working with a doctor whose subtle techniques give your reinjected fat the best chance of surviving, as well as the experience to anticipate the likely results you will see months in the future after the final results become apparent.

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Charles Feagin and Dr. William Owen have helped thousands of patients from Dothan, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia; Panama City, Florida, and the surrounding area to get top-quality results from buttock augmentation and other body contouring procedures. Their 60 years of combined experience at the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Surgical Center have helped them to improve their natural talent and add to their considerable education background. You can see some examples of their outstanding work in our Before & After galleries.

Don't take a risk on bargain basement buttock augmentation. You have only one body and if you don't get the best results possible, there's no point to plastic surgery. 

To learn more about our board-certified plastic surgeons and how we can help, please call the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center today.

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