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Our Procedures - Types of Breast Surgeries

Feagin & Owen are Breast Augmentation Experts

Women's breasts are symbols of femininity, youth, and attractiveness. Unfortunately, research shows that about 70% of all women, no matter their age, are unsatisfied with the appearance of their breasts. Younger women are more likely to want larger breasts, while older women are more likely to complain that their breasts are either too large or too saggy.


Whether you think your breasts are too small, too large, or too saggy, or if you have lost or are likely to lose your breasts to a mastectomy, cosmetic breast surgery can help you get attractive, shapely breasts so that you can be confident in your appearance no matter your age.

Types of Breast Surgery

At the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, we perform all common types of cosmetic breast surgery. Although the procedures differ, the goal is the same, to provide you with attractive-looking breasts that are proportionate to your body and project the look you desire. Breast surgery procedures we offer include:

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Revision Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Lift

  • Breast Reduction

  • Breast Reconstruction

We also perform male breast reduction, a form of body contouring procedure.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States because of its ability to give women larger, shapelier, more attractive breasts. With the improved appearance of their breasts, many women report improved self-confidence, increased feelings of attractiveness, and even heightened sexual satisfaction, although these secondary results cannot be guaranteed. However, Dr. Charles Feagin and Dr. William Owen have helped thousands of women achieve the better-looking breasts they desire using breast implants.


Drs. Feagin and Owen are also highly experienced at performing secondary or revision breast augmentation, in which they correct the unattractive results of a prior breast surgery.

Revision Breast Augmentation or Secondary Breast Implants

Some women have problems with breast implants, whether it be from initially unsatisfactory surgery, distortion from aging of the implant and/or breast tissue or capsule contracture around the implant.

Correction of breast implant problems is much more difficult than primary breast augmentations. There are many different factors that must be evaluated in order to properly design a plan to correct your problem. You need a plastic surgeon that has done hundreds of revision breast augmentations in order to have the expertise to correct your problems. Drs. Feagin and Owen are highly experienced in performing secondary or revision breast augmentations. They will be able to correct the unattractive result of prior breast surgery

Breast Lift

For many women, the problem is not the size of the breasts, but the shape. With age, breasts can begin to sag. A breast lift allows Drs. Feagin and Owen to reshape the breasts, lifting them and the nipple on the chest, giving them a more youthful shape, and increasing the firmness and attractiveness of the breasts. Sometimes, a breast lift is performed in conjunction with breast implants if a woman has too little volume in her breasts to give the size and shape of breasts she desires.

Breast Reduction

When it comes to breasts, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, especially from a woman's perspective. Large breasts can lead to a number of problems, including a sore back, neck, and shoulders and chafed or irritated skin under the breasts. Large breasts that are sagging can also make a woman looked aged or matronly rather than attractive. Breast reduction can give a woman shapely and uplifted breasts while alleviating her back and neck pain. Insurance companies usually cover a breast reduction.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Treatment)

In male breast reduction the large breasts that some men or teenagers develop as a result of weight gain or other causes can be removed. This is most often done using liposuction but may also involve some surgical removal of enlarged breast tissue if present.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction helps women who have lost one or both breasts to a mastectomy. The procedure can be done using either your own tissue, breast implants, or a combination of both. Drs. Feagin and Owen have extensive experience performing breast reconstruction using a number of different techniques and can get good results for women no matter what type of mastectomy they have had. When breast reconstruction is performed by using excessive abdominal skin and fat, the patient will get a tummy tuck at the same time.


Insurance companies are required by law to cover breast reconstruction in patients that have had breast cancer.

Why Choose Feagin & Owen for Your Breast Surgery

If you are considering any type of cosmetic surgery, such as breast surgery, you should work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Board-certified plastic surgeons are trained in the safest, most effective techniques for performing cosmetic breast surgery. You should also work with a surgeon who has learned the lessons of experience that cannot be taught.

Since 1983, Dr. Charles Feagin and Dr. William Owen have provided great-looking breast surgery results to patients in Dothan, Alabama; Enterprise, Alabama; Destin, Florida and all points in between. They know how to meet your needs, not just in terms of surgery, but also in terms of meeting the requirements for coverage by your insurance company. And the quality of their results speak for themselves--you can see examples in our Before & After gallery.

To learn more about our board-certified plastic surgeons and how we can help, please call the Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center today.

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