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Before & Afters - Breast Revision

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This is a 45YO lady that has had a previous breast augmentation.  She has gotten a capsule contracture of her right breast.  As you can see, the right breast is quite full superiorly.  The left breast is hanging and she has lost volume in that breast.  Both breasts are somewhat droopy and misshaped.  She underwent a revision breast augmentation and a breast lift.  As you can see postoperatively, the nipples are in good position and pointing forward as they should.  She now has adequate projection of the breasts and superior fullness.  The redness in the scars usually stays for around six to nine months.  Once the redness is gone, the scars are not very noticeable.

Photos submitted by Dr, Feagin - 52810                                                                                                                                         10/04/23kf

Breast Revision 55532 copy.png

This is a young lady who had saline implants place in 2011. Over time her breast tissue has thinned to the point that you could feel the rippling in the implants and when she would lay flat on her back the implants would slide off her chest. This would create a wide cleft between her breasts overlying the sternum. She was pretty much happy with the size. She was carried to the operating room and we went back through the old inframammary creasescar and replaced the saline implants with gel implants. Gel implants typically don't ripple near as much as saline do. We also reduced the size of the implant pocket which pushed the implants medially toward the sternum.These repairs were reinforced with Vicryl mesh. She has gotten a very nice result. Shown are the 2 months before and after photos with the breasts situated on her chest wall when she is supine on her back.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-55532


This is a lady that had prior weight loss surgery and underwent a mastopexy wished some enlargement.  She had breast augmentation.  Unfortunately her tissue support was poor and the inframammary crease drifted towards her abdomen.  She was returned to the operating room where the inframammary crease was reconstructed and reinforced with Seri, shelf scaffolding.  She now has a normal appearing breast which is symmetrical with the opposite side. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-48554

#43553 copy.jpg

This is a healthy lady who had a prior augmentation mastopexy with saline implants.  At that time, her nipple areolar complexes were large and I was not able to get all the areola pigment out of the mastopexy. There was some areola pigment left on the midline scar associated with the mastopexy.  She wished her breasts rounded and the pigment removed from the breast skin.  She also was participating in a fitness competition and wanted to minimize the animation seen with submuscular implants.  She had children and had some loose skin on her abdomen.  All of her muscles were tight.  At the time of the redo aug/mastopexy with conversion to a subglandular plane, she had an abdominoplasty.  The scar was placed low where it could be hidden within intimate clothing.  This resulted in an elevated, flattened, and triangular mons.  The suctioning gave some contour to the midline of the abdomen and at the junction between the rectus abdominis muscles and the external obliques.  She has gotten a very nice result.  The scars are only 2 months out and they will continue to fade over time.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-43553


This is a lady that had breast implants as a young woman.  These were saline implants through a periareolar incision.  She has had several children and has developed some droopiness of the breasts.  The breasts are now down on her abdomen and her nipple areolar complexes are down pointing. She wished to be a larger size with a hint of upper pole fullness.  She underwent revision breast augmentation with mastopexy with a conversion to gel implants.  She is maybe a ½ cup size bigger than she was and has a nice upper and lower pole contour. The nipple areolar complexes are now pointing straight ahead.  Her scars are flat and soft and non-tender.  They should lighten up over time.  

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53255


This is a 50YO lady that had old breast implants.  She had started developing some drooping of the breasts as well as capsule contractures. This made the breasts appear too full superiorly with the nipples drooping.  She was a little larger than she wanted to be.  She underwent removal of the old implants with a capsulectomy. She also had a mastopexy which lifted the nipple areolar complexes.  I replaced her old implants with smaller implants.  Now her breasts have a much more aesthetic look and she feels much better with the smaller, better shaped breasts.  


She also had some excessive fat in the lateral breast and chest area and I liposuctioned these areas.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53616


This is a lady who had prior breast implants and complained that the implants were sliding off her chest and developed a double bubble in the lower poles bilaterally.  This was worse on the left side.  The implants were dissecting out over the upper abdomen and lateral chest.  She wished to have larger breasts and more upper pole fullness.  She was carried to the operating room where the disrupted inframammary crease was repaired and reinforced with Seri silk.  I placed 580cc gel implants in her.  She has gotten a very nice result.  The breasts are nicely rounded with a mature, pleasing lower pole contour.  She has some cleavage in the upper pole and more narrow cleft between the breasts in the midline.  She gained a cup and a half in her size and her nipples have remained sensate.  Prior to surgery she was basically skin on top of implant with really no subcutaneous breast tissue.  Almost 95% of her breast mound is implant.  This is a really very good result for the problem that she had.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-54134


This is a lady that had two sets of prior implants.  She had noticed that the breasts had changed and became more square.  She noticed she had some retraction along the periareolar scar and she felt that he beasts were firm.  A mammogram suggested ruptured gel implants.  She liked her size.  She was carried to the operating room.  With an inframammary crease incision the ruptured gel implants were removed on both sides.  We created a new submuscular pocket and replaced her gels with 445cc Natrelle Inspira smooth surface implants.  I also needled the retracted scar on the left areola.  Preoperatively her nipple areolar complexes were down pointing, the lower poles were tight, and the capsule in the upper pole was full. She now has a much more natural shape to the breasts with the nipple areolar complexes more anteriorly pointing.  The breasts are soft and the indented scar on the left is all but resolved. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54699


This is a healthy lady that had saline implants place almost 30 years ago.  She presented with a recent deflation of her left breast.  In addition to exchanging the ruptured saline implants for gels, she wished a mastopexy.  She underwent exchange for the gel implants and I put a little smaller implant in and did a mastopexy to get the breasts back up on her chest and centralize the nipple areola over the breast mound.  She has gotten a very nice result with the surgery.  Her breasts are soft and symmetrical.  She has maintained some sensation in her nipple areolar complexes.  Shown are pre-op and 2 month post-op pictures.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#55118


This is a lady that had prior transaxillary breast implants become encapsulated and firm.  She wished this corrected and little larger implants.  She had a fair amount of loose skin in the lower poles of the breasts and some mild asymmetry as far as the location of the inframammary crease to the nipples.  We decided to remove the old implants and do some capsular work and put in larger implants in hopes that things would settle out enough to avoid further mastopexy.  At the time of surgery, she was found to have the old textured McGhan implants.  These were removed.  She had a complete capsulectomy and replacement with larger smooth surface silicone gel implants.  This gave her a nice, natural, and soft breast.  She still has some redundancy in the lower pole and this may ultimately require a mastopexy.  At the present time, everybody is pleased with the results.   There are no immediate plans to make this better.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#55100


This is a lady that had prior breast implants placed about 30 years ago.  She had put on some weight and now she felt that cosmetically her breasts were too big.  In addition, she was having some neck, back, and shoulder issues.  She was a DD cup.  She wanted her breasts smaller and back up on her chest.  We planned a redo augmentation/mastopexy with gel implants in her original subglandular pocket in that there was no capsular contracture.  At the time of surgery she was found to have the textured implants that were associated remotely with a type of lymphoma.   Therefore, the entire capsule around the implant was removed and replaced with 300cc saline implants.  The mastopexy repositioned the breast mound on the most projecting portion on the implant to give her a more natural appearance.  Post operative photographs are taken at two months. She has gotten a nice result.   The breasts are soft and symmetrical.  They are appropriately and normally shaped.  She has maintained nipple sensation.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#55288

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