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Before & Afters - Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy


This is before and after pictures of a lady that wishes enlargement and improvement in the shape of her breasts.  She has had multiple pregnancies and got as large as DD with her pregnancies.  Preoperatively she was a C cup.  She wished to see a good bit of cleavage in the upper poles but did not wish to the see the outline of the implants.  She underwent a wise pattern mastopexy with augmentation.  She has 485cc Natrelle smooth surface gel implants.  She is regaining nipple sensation.  She is very happy with the size and shape of her breasts as well as the upper pole contour. 

Photos sumbitted by Dr. Owen                                                                                                                                                          11/08/23kf

Copy of 4 Image Template_edited.jpg

 This is a 45YO lady that has had a previous breast augmentation.  She has gotten a capsule contracture of her right breast.  As you can see, the right breast is quite full superiorly.  The left breast is hanging and she has lost volume in that breast.  Both breasts are somewhat droopy and misshaped.  She underwent a revision breast augmentation and a breast lift.  As you can see postoperatively, the nipples are in good position and pointing forward as they should.  She now has adequate projection of the breasts and superior fullness.  The redness in the scars usually stays for around six to nine months.  Once the redness is gone, the scars are not very noticeable.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-52810                                                                                                                                        10/23/2023kf

55670 BREAST AUG WITH MASTO_edited.jpg

This is a pre and 5 month post op on a healthy lady.  She is 5’4” tall and weighs 150lbs.  She is a 36C.  She had never been pregnant.  Her biggest issue was droopiness of the breasts and secondary concerns were her size and lack of upper pole fullness.  She needed a mastopexy to get the breasts back up on her chest.  She liked the 300cc trials.  She underwent augmentation/mastopexy with saline implants.  She has 370cc on the right and 300cc on the left.  This gave her breasts more projection i.e. size and upper pole fullness.  The wise pattern got the breasts back up off her abdomen and onto her chest.  She maintained nipple sensation.  The scars remain flat and soft.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-55670


This is a 35YO lady from Panama City Florida that desires some more fullness in the upper pole of her breasts.  She has breast tissue but it has fallen inferiorly.  The nipples are lower than she desires and she does not have any superior fullness.  Whenever she wears bras or swimsuits, she has no breast tissue in the upper pole of her breasts.  In order to correct this we put in a small implant and uplifted breast tissue and the nipples.  Now the nipples are pointing more inferiorly and she has superior upper pole fullness in the breasts.  She underwent a mastopexy with implants.  This was done as an outpatient procedure.  Usually you can return to work within 3 days.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-54483


These are before and 2 month after photographs of a lady that wished improvement in her breasts. She wished enlargement and her breasts back up on her chest.  She underwent an augmentation/mastopexy.  She liked the appearance of the 400cc trials in the office prior to the surgery.  In the operating room I used 405cc implants with bilateral mastopexies to recentralize the breasts over the implants. She has gotten a very nice result with nice symmetry, sharp creases, and good upper pole fullness.  The breasts are now appropriate for her frame and size.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53853


These are before and after photographs on a 50ishYO female who wished an increase in her breast size with greater projection and more fullness of the upper poles.  She tried and liked in the office the 400cc trials.  She underwent augmentation/mastopexy with Natrelle 405cc silicone gel implants and wise pattern mastopexy to improve the shape and contour location of the breast on the chest wall.  She has gotten a nice result from her surgery with improved projection and a more rounded contour.  She has gotten nice upper pole fullness.  She has maintained nipple sensation.  Her scars are flat, soft, and fading.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-54270


This is a 32YO lady from Destin, Florida.  She is interested in some cosmetic improvement of her breasts.  She has lost superior fullness of the breasts and they are droopy.  Her nipples are much lower than she desires.  The right breast is a larger breast and more droopy.  She underwent a mastopexy with silicone implants.  The nipples are now pointing more towards the front rather than pointing down.  She now has some superior fullness and shape to the breasts.  


This procedure is done through outpatient.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-54130


This is a middle aged lady who wished some improvement in her chest.  She is small and weighs less than 120lbs.  She initially was here and thinking that she wished only to have a mastopexy.  She had seen a “cosmetic surgeon” that had recommended very large implants.  The implants would not have addressed the problems and the size that was recommended was out of line for her small frame.  In the consultation it was determined that she did wish more projection i.e. an implant and did want some more fullness in the upper poles.  She also wished some improvement in the asymmetry.  In addition to some asymmetry in the breasts themselves, she had some body asymmetry on the whole left side of her body.  It is higher than the right i.e. the shoulder, inframammary crease, and the hip.  I did ultimately operate on her and did a wise pattern mastopexy with a 195cc on the right and a perioareolar lift on the left with a 255cc implant.  This got her breasts more symmetrical.  It gave her the upper pole fullness that she desired. Her breast size is appropriate for her small frame.  She has maintained sensation in both nipple areolar complexes.  Her scars are flat and soft and will continue to fade with time. Post operative photos are two months out.  She has gotten a very nice result and is very pleased with the outcome.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53395


This is a lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her droopy breasts.  She also wanted more superior fullness.  The nipples were pointing toward the floor and she wanted them uplifted and pointing upwards.  

She underwent a mastopexy with silicone implants.  Her breasts are now reshaped with more fullness and much less droopiness.  The nipples are now in good position.  

This procedure is done at the hospital in outpatient.  

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53981

#53800 copy.jpg

These are pre and post op photographs of a young lady that has had 3 children.  She is about 110lbs.  She weighed as much as almost 200lbs. with her pregnancy.  After the birth of her children, she was barely an A cup and wished to be a C cup with some upper pole fullness. Her breasts were basically empty socks with skin on top of her chest wall, ribs, and musculature. She is an athlete and her skin was not very strong.  We opted for a smaller implant that we thought would not be problematic during her athletic endeavors and would also have a better chance of holding over time in light of her poor skin quality.  She underwent an augmentation/mastopexy using 310cc silicone implants.  Post operatively she is a C cup and the nipple areolar complexes remain sensate. The breasts are symmetrical and soft. The scars are flat and soft and the color continues to improve.  She has gotten a very nice result and is quite pleased.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53800


This is a lady who wished her breasts enlarged, lifted, and desired moderate upper pole fullness.  In the office she tried the various trials and decided on implants in the 450cc range.  She had some mild asymmetry in size preoperatively.  She underwent augmentation/mastopexy with gel implants, 445cc on the right and 405cc on the left.  She has sensate nipples.  The breasts are nicely shaped with moderate upper pole fullness.  She has gotten a nice result and is quite pleased.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54664


This is a young female who following pregnancies has developed some fullness in her trunk, flanks, lower abdomen, mons, and genitalia.  In addition, she has lost a good bit of volume in the breasts and they are drooping.  She underwent a series of two operations.  First, she underwent an augmentation/mastopexy with 485cc silicone gel implants.  She has a very nice breast contour with good upper pole fill.  She is a D/DD cup now.  Following recovery from the breast surgery, she underwent an abdominoplasty with suctioning of her flanks.  She has a “BB” contour of her buttock and flanks.  Suctioning created the feminine “S” contour of her buttocks.  She got a very nice result without fat grafts in the bottom.  At the same time she underwent the abdominoplasty, I repaired her stretched out abdominal muscles and did some suctioning to recreate some of the abdominal wall contour.  This can be especially seen in some of the oblique photographs of her post op pictures.  She has gotten spectacular result from her surgery.  She is extremely pleased with her results.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54797


This is a 25YO lady that has congenital tuberous breasts.  She has marked asymmetry of the breasts.  She has undergone bilateral breast reconstruction with silicone implants and a reconstructive mastopexy.  As you can see there is a significant difference in how the breasts look preoperatively and postoperatively.  Now she is not self conscious about her breasts and can wear any type of revealing clothing she desires. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55073


This is a 35YO lady who wishes some improvement in her breasts.  She is 5’2” tall and weighs 150lbs.  She is a large D/DD.  She wanted more projection and moderate fullness in the upper pole.  The breasts were ptotic.  The left breast was larger and a little higher on the chest wall.  She liked the 400cc sizers in the office.  We felt that the left breast was maybe 50cc larger.  She underwent augmentation with a lift through a wise pattern.  Ultimately, she had a 445cc implant on the right and a 405cc on the left.  This much improved the symmetry.  She has regained some sensation in her nipples.  The breasts remain soft.  She has moderate fullness in the upper poles.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#55233

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