Why a Plastic Surgeon for Your Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgeon is a surgeon that does plastic surgery.  So do many other surgeons.  Cosmetic surgeons, oral surgeons, ENT surgeons, and eye surgeons, all do some plastic surgery procedures.  Even dermatologists, who have no formal surgical training, do some plastic surgery operations.

What Makes a Plastic Surgeon Different?

So what is the difference between a plastic surgeon and all the others?  The difference is that plastic surgeons are formally trained in plastic surgery.  Heart surgeons are formally trained in heart surgery and brain surgeons are formally trained in neurosurgery.  Their board certification lists their area of expertise, just like surgeons with formal training in plastic surgery; i.e. board certified plastic surgery.  You might ask why board certification in plastic surgery is important.  Board certified plastic surgeons, through their training, testing, and ongoing education are well suited to evaluate surgical problems and offer a range of solutions.  Their solutions are not based on the latest machine just purchased but instead on the large array of options available to them.

What About Redos?

Your best chance of getting the solution you want is the first surgical attempt.  Redo’s are harder and often hampered by results of the 1st surgery.  Redo’s are expensive and recovery is usually more involved.  Shown here are before and after pictures of a patient of Enterprise.  She wished a more concave flank contour with a narrow waist.  She had seen a chiropractor and a dermatologist who recommended cool sculpting.  Cool sculpting does not have the ability to change a bulging contour to a more feminine concave flank.


before plastic surgery 1

Before Plastic Surgery1



before plastic surgery 2

Before Plastic Surgery 2



plastic surgery after 1

After Plastic Surgery 1



after plastic surgery 2

After Plastic Surgery 2


Liposuction Is the Solution

Liposuction is the solution to this problem.  The flank collections are converted to a more pleasing concave contour.  This in itself makes the buttock contour appear more projecting.  By putting the removed fat in the buttock an even more rounded appearance or projecting contour could be obtained.  She was back to normal activity at two weeks and in two months had almost complete resolution of her swelling.  She chose to have her surgery done by surgeons trained and board certified in plastic surgery.  Our surgeons have seen trends come and go and are committed surgical techniques that are effective and long-lasting.

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