What Are the Four Kinds of Brachioplasty

Arms become “flabby” with advancing age or major weight loss. Some patients have excess skin ,or excess fat, and many times it’s a combination of both. Brachioplasty removes excess upper arm skin or fat and creates an incision that extends from the underarm area to the elbow.  There is four different types of brachioplasty which you may consider depending on your individual goals and the severity of your excess skin.

What Is Limited Brachioplasty?

Limited Brachioplasty is an arm lift procedure most suited to patients who mainly have loose skin, with minimal excess fatty tissue, in the upper half of the upper arm. The incision is placed within the armpit crease and the excess skin is removed through a well-hidden scar. Since the incision can only be performed under the underarm area only, scarring is hidden along the inner aspect of the upper arm. This type of underarm brachioplasty often gets combined with liposuction to produce a more desirable upper arm contour. Liposuction is a good option for patients with deeply pigmented skin or younger patients.  

What Is Short-scar Brachioplasty?

Short-scar Brachioplasty is suited for patients with mild upper arm tissue laxity who want a significantly shorter incision than a traditional brachioplasty. The incision is well concealed underneath the armpit and combines the incision of the limited brachioplasty with a short incision of the upper arm. The combination of these two incisions removes the loose skin and excess fatty tissues while arm skin is lifted towards the armpit. The scar left behind is T-shaped but is well-hidden in the armpit without extending down the arm. In some cases, lower arm tissue may also be removed to make it more proportional with the upper arm.

What Is Extended Brachioplasty?

Extended Brachioplasty is reserved for patients who have moderate to severe lax skin. The circumference of the arm is altered through a reductive technique. The incision created goes from your armpit, down the inner surface of your arm and extends from the armpit to the side of your chest. With this long of an incision, your surgeon will be able to move a significant amount of skin and tissue on the inner and lower arm. Excess loose skin and fatty tissue located on the side of the chest wall near the arm area will also be removed through the incision. The extended brachioplasty does create a fine scar line along the lower edge of the inner arm, however the location of the scar can easily be hidden out of sight when the arm sits on the hips.

What Is L-Brachioplasty?

L-Brachioplasty is a fairly new technique reserved for patients with severe arm laxity. Patients with sagging armpits or excess upper chest tissue will also benefit from this procedure.The L-shaped incision extends from the armpit down to the elbow on the inner arm, similar to extended Brachioplasty. However, the incision then extends through the armpit and vertically down the chest as well. The excess skin and fatty tissues are removed through the incisions and the armpit sag is corrected to complete the L-Brachioplasty.

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