Upper Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical operation done to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms.  Patients often call these” batwings” or “grandma arms”.   The loose skin and fat hangs down from the underside of the upper arm when it is raised away from the body.  This condition commonly develops following weight loss.  The skin in the upper arm is very thin and often is not capable of tightening up following weight loss.   The loose skin is as much of the problem as is the excess fat.  A more effective operation surgically removes the excess skin and fat.  Often liposuction is used to remove the fat deep below the skin.  This method maintains the lymphatic channels that help minimize swelling and fluid collections.  The scar can be placed either on the inside of the upper arm or along the leading edge of the fold.  Both scar placements leave scars and the various placements give patients a choice under what circumstances it would be visable.  Many patients request this surgery hoping that improved arm contour will again allow them to wear short sleeves or sleeveless dresses and many do; although about 40% of those scars are unsightly enough to discourage the wearing of more revealing clothes. 

The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure either under general or local anesthesia with sedation.  There are often drains that remain one to two weeks. Recovery for brachioplasty involves slight compression bandages, that are used to diminish swelling.  Limited activities may resume once the drains are out and swelling has diminished which is usually in about two weeks.  Discomfort is usually minimal and easily managed with mild narcotics and anti-inflammatories.  This surgery is now done more frequently and is often requested to address the loose skin following weight loss surgeries.  The operation reduces the loose, sloppy skin in the upper arm and gives the arm a more toned, youthful contour.  The scar is acceptable to most patients such that they will resume wearing short sleeve shirts.  We offer the full range of procedures to address the excess and loose skin remaining after weight loss.  Dr. Feagin and Dr. Owen are the Flower’s Hospital surgical staff.  They are both board certified in plastic surgery, and are often called to help patients served through the hospitals accredited bariatric program. 

Our office offers, through outside lending, financial assistance. All inclusive cost rarely exceeds $6350.  We are a small, boutique practice.  Body contour surgery is a large part of our practice.  Please go to our website and see other patients that we have helped.  Give us the opportunity to help you realize you could have.

Arm Lift Before and After

Brachioplasty Before and After v1

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