Treating the Aging Neck

I recently attended a plastic surgery symposium on treatment of the aging face. Many topics were discussed among the 150 surgeons who specialize in this treatment of the aging face.

I was grateful to be able to have a one on one direct discussion with the most knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeons of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Canada.

I will discuss some of the major points of this meeting. I will divide my discussion into different parts of the face and neck. Over the next few weeks to months, I will provide some blogs on the improvement of different parts of the face.

The neck obviously changes in every one as they age. However, different people’s neck age differently.

Some people develop vertical bands in their neck. Often people call this “Turkey Necks.” These bands are due to a muscle that pulls loose from the deep tissue and the two edges of the muscle pull apart. This is corrected by releasing the lower part of the muscle band and suturing the two edges of the muscle back together. Also the excessive loose and saggy skin that has developed will be pulled back toward the ear.

Example of someone with muscle bands, but with no extra fat.

With age, some people deposit excessive fat in the neck. This is most noticeable directly under the chin. Many people will develop a low hanging jowl that is prominent below the mandible, (Jaw Bone). In some people the fat is so excessive in the neck that they totally lose the natural distinct division between the face and neck.

The treatment of this is to sculpture the excessive fat in the neck so that the neck has a concave curve below the chin and also re-established a defined lower border of the mandible.

Example of someone with excessive fat of the neck

These procedures to rejuvenate the neck are usually done in the office under I.V. sedation.

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