I recently saw a patient from Enterprise, Alabama to evaluate the appearance of her nose.  She had a rhinoplasty years ago that left her nose with a pinched appearance combined with a bulbous tip.  Her prior surgery had been primarily resectional i.e., offending aspects of the nasal structures were cut out and removed.  In addition to a clearly operated appearance, the surgery left the internal valve collapsed resulting in airway obstructive symptoms, especially with exercise.  Her revisional surgery consisted of rebuilding the internal valve with cartilage grafts and reshaping the tip with suture techniques in combination with cartilage grafts.  These newer Rhinoplasty techniques have been adapted from reconstruction techniques used for years to rebuild noses from trauma or cancer removal. 

We specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and are well versed in the newer methods used to improve the appearance of your nose.  We look forward to the opportunity to also help you. 

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