Male Breast Reduction

For many men, developing enlarged breasts is unsettling.  A significant percentage, 70% of adolescent males experience an overgrowth of breast tissue.  It usually reverts to normal over a couple of years but in some, it persists.  It is common in older adult males, especially those that have lost large amounts of weight.

Psychological issues are common in teenage boys with gynecomastia.  These issues include lower functioning levels of self esteem, interactions with others, and mental health.  These problems are not related at all to the degree or amount of breast enlargement.  Adolescent males with even slightly enlarged breasts can have significant psychiatric issues.  Older males are typically embarrassed to the point of covering their chest, especially during swimming.  Fortunately, there is an easy and usually long lasting procedure to correct his problem.  The procedure, male breast reduction, reduces the breasts to a normal male breast size and shape.  The extent of the scar is determined by the size of the areola and the amount of loose skin. 

A breast is composed of skin, fat, and breast tissue.  The fatty component is removed with liposuction.  The breast tissue must usually be surgically excised.  Some smaller breasts can be reduced through a small, 3mm stab incision at the lower breast border.  Breasts with a large areola require at least a scar around its circumference.  Even larger breasts like those that have the shape of a woman’s breast, often require skin removal.  These scars have an anchor shape.  The operation is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.  Patients need to avoid exercise and heavy work for two weeks after the procedure.  Showers can resume the day after surgery.  Approximately 80% of the results are visible at two months following surgery.  The final result can take as long as one year.  Improved self esteem and confidence often improve following a breast reduction.  The chest contour becomes more masculine.  The biggest concern is that of the scarring.  Usually the larger the breasts, the worse the contour, and the more accepting patients are of the scar.

Costs vary depending on the extent of the surgery but rarely exceed $6,000.00.  Financing through outside credit firms is available.  Gynecomastia is an often embarrassing condition that can be found in men that are otherwise fit and trim.  This embarrassment can lead to difficulties in social situations, sports, and play.  You do not have to suffer with a condition that often is easily corrected.  Give us the opportunity to evaluate you and discuss with you your options.

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