Liposuction VS Tummy Tuck

Many patients come to the office seeking improvement in their torso contour.  A great number of these patients are requesting liposuction.  Many get an excellent result.  These patients are usually younger and have not had pregnancies and their weight has remained relatively stable over the years.  Their skin tone is good and their areas of concern usually don’t have folds of skin.  There are multiple types of liposuction.  All can produce excellence in the right hands and all can produce poor results in poor hands.  In our practice, we use an ultrasonic machine, vaser, and a conventional liposuction machine.  All involve plumping the treated areas with fluid tumescence.  These types of liposuction are capable of reaching the deeper layers of fat that are primarily responsible for localized fat deposits (love handles, muffin tops, and saddlebags).  These procedures actually change the contour, not just make a bulge a lesser one.  Recovery is relatively easier than a tummy tuck.  You may shower the next day.  Compression and massage hasten the resolution of swelling.  Patients may resume all activities including exercise in two weeks.

An abdominoplasty is a combination procedure that tightens loose abdominal muscle, excises excess skin in the lower abdomen, and  removes the deep fat collections in the upper abdomen. 

This operation is more commonly done to correct the abdominal contour after pregnancy or weight loss.  After pregnancy, the rectus muscle, “6 pack muscle”, on either side of the midline is spread apart.  This creates a bulge in the abdomen, especially in the upper abdomen.  Repair of these muscles flatten the abdominal contour.  No other abdominal procedure can take a rounded abdomen and make it flat. 

Liposuction, as a part of an abdominoplasty, thins the thicker fat across the ribs and facilitates a tight abdominal skin closure.  The excess abdominal skin is removed within the bikini line.  The mons is thinned to remove puffiness and elevated to create a youthful, triangular pubis.  This recovery is more involved.  There is overnight hospitalization, sometimes drains, and limited activity for several weeks.  Exercise that stresses the muscle repair needs to be avoided for months.  Binders and massage are used to hasten swelling resolution.

Both liposuction and tummy tucks are wonderful operations that can change the body’s contour like no other procedures.  Tummy tucks are more involved and address problems not readily addressed with liposuction alone.  Which is best is often a judgment call, best made by experienced plastic surgeons that are skilled in both procedures.  Please give us the opportunity to see you and evaluate your concerns.  View our website to view our patients who have entrusted us to make recommendations in their best interest.

Both lipo suction and abdominoplasty create pleasing changes on how you and others view your figure for years to come.

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