Is Rhinoplasty Something I Should Consider

One of the more popular facial cosmetic operations is surgery to change the appearance and or the function of the nose.  The operation is called a rhinoplasty and depending on what exactly is done during the operation, it can change the appearance, the function, or both.  A rhinoplastymay be combined with surgery on the septum if a deviated septum is causing airway obstructive symptoms.  Also the septum serves as a source of cartilage used to change the outward appearance of the nose. 

Where Is the Incision for Rhinoplasty?

In the past most rhinoplasties were done with an incision hidden inside the nose.  Over the years, surgeons have to come to appreciate the greater visualization and options facilitated by an open rhinoplasty that places an incision across the midportion of the columella.  This incision is called a rhithi incision. Although outside the nose and potentially visible, it usually scars quite well and improves access to the nose bone and cartilage facilitating a better operation and outcome. 

What Is the Cost of a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The newer rhinoplasty techniques uses suturing to reshape and add projection to tip cartilages.  Cartilage grafts taken from the septum are sutured and placed to improve the shape of the nose.  Cartilage may also be used to improve the support of the nose and to open up the nasal air passages.  Cartilage grafts used to improve the flow of the air are called spreader grafts and function like a permanent internal “breathe right strip.”  Nose surgery done to improve function is often covered by insurance whereas that to done to improve appearance is usually not insurance covered.  Out of pocket costs for a rhinoplasty done in the hospital, as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, is about $5,000.00. 

Do They Use Anesthesia for the Surgery?

Depending on what is done, a lesser anesthetic may be acceptable; i.e. local anesthesia with IV sedation.  After the surgery, there is usually not much pain.  More patients complain of stuffiness from the post operative swelling more than the pain.  They usually respond to mild pain medications. 

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Last?

The effects of a rhinoplasty are long lived although it may take a full year after the surgery for all the swelling to go down to reveal the full scope of the changed appearance. 

The rhinoplasty plan may be custom designed to address the patient’s individual concerns and nasal anatomy.  Humps may be removed and the nose narrowed.  Cartilage grafts may be used to make a small nose larger and to correct asymmetries.  Large, bulbous nasal tips may be contoured to a more refined appearance with a combination of excision, suturing techniques, and cartilage grafts.  Tissue resection and cartilage grafts are often used to improve the size or appearance of the nasal ala and nostrils. 

Rhinoplasty results with today’s techniques are more predictable and durable.  They are a gratifying operation for us to perform.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and devise an operative rhinoplasty specifically to address your concerns.

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