Facial Aging Process

Signs of Facial Aging

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the realization that there are advantages in spite of age to look our best.  A more youthful appearance is deemed important in our romantic life, work life, and individually as how we see and project ourselves to the outside world. 

We wear clothes that hide our imperfections and choose styles that accentuate our better attributes.  We spend billions on diets and exercise programs.  Functionality, this will keep us at our best but often does not result in a more youthful appearance that we desire.  Ultimately, time will defeat our best laid plans to fight facial aging signs. 

Fortunately, there are those of us who have trained almost 1/3 of our lifetime to offer you other options to combat the signs of aging.  When we age, several things happen to cause the facial appearance associated with aging. 

"Fortunately, there are those of us who have trained almost 1/3 of our lifetime to offer you other options to combat the signs of aging.  When we age, several things happen to cause the facial appearance associated with aging."

We lose facial fat that skeletonizes the face.  The orbital rim bones become more obvious and the cheeks less prominent.  Also facial fat deflates the facial skin envelope causing excess skin over the nasal labial folds, eyelids, brow, and jaw line.  These folds develop with what use to be a tight, sculpted neck. 

Other sign of facial aging is wrinkles.  Facial aging is the result of loss of tone and texture of the skin.  As we age, one of the skin components, collagen, changes.  These changes result in skin that is less elastic and less attractive to water.  The skin loses it plumpness and is doughier.  Wrinkles develop, especially over the upper eyelid, at the lip, and mid-face. 

What Causes Facial Aging Spots

Facial aging spots are quit common.  They appear to be accentuated by repeated sun exposure.  Youthful skin is characterized by skin with uniform color, texture, and tone.  Aging degrades all three.  There are options available to reverse the effects of aging on the skin.  An aging treatment begins with a foundation using a combination of retinol acids, sunscreens, and skin lighteners.  Over time, these products used at home, improve the tone and texture of the skin.  Color becomes more uniform and superficial blemishes diminish and often disappear. 

The layers of the skin thicken and become better hydrated resulting in improvement in the fine wrinkles on the face.  There are aging treatments offered by our aesthetician to further improve in the skin done in combination with your home products.  Peels using lactic acid and glycolic acid increase the peel depth affecting the collagen composition and concentration.  Lasers and deeper Phenol croton oil peels are gold standard for the treatment of facial aging.  These deeper treatments remove and replace the outer and inner skin levels to give unsurpassed improvement in tone, texture, and fine wrinkles. 

The recovery and after care is more involved.  Sun exposure must be avoided to maintain these results, especially discoloration issues.  Loose skin over the face, seen along the jaw line is a later sign of facial aging.  Weight fluctuations, cigarette smoking, and sun exposure all accelerate these facial aging signs.  Treatment, in most instances, of loose skin requires removal i.e. face, neck, eyelid, and brow lifts.  Non-invasive treatments are rarely as effective as the surgical procedures to address loose skin.          

Facial Aging Treatments

The options available to address the signs of facial aging are more varied and effective than ever before.  There are treatment programs to begin at home and even more improvement can be obtained by office procedures offered by our aesthetician.  Lasers, chemical peels, and surgical procedures address the more recalcitrant concerns. 

Usually a treatment plan that fits your budget and recovery issues can be arranged.  Financing options exist through Care credit.  Starting the process is easy.  Allow us the opportunity to meet and see you.  You will meet our esthetician, Jennifer Crandall, and together we can put in place a plan for your facial aging treatments.  We will have you looking and feeling your best.

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