Dr. Feagin Visits Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Feagin has recently returned from the Facial and Rhinoplasty Aesthetic Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This symposium is designed so that many of the most experienced 150 cosmetic plastic surgeons could meet and discuss the latest and most effective methods for facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Feagin represented the practice of Feagin & Owen Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Modern Rejuvenation of the face involves more than just pulling the skin tight as was done in the past.  That caused the unnatural, “windblown” look that we all found unappealing.

Now experienced plastic surgeons are striving to give a younger and more natural appearance to the face.  This is done by repositioning fallen tissue with deep sutures as well as removing fat that has accumulated in the neck, jowl area, and around the eyes.  Fat is added to the areas of fat loss due to aging in the cheeks, temporal area, and the lips.

Rejuvenation of the skin by using a Croton oil peels has been rediscovered.  Disillusion with present laser devices and improvement in the Phenol Croton peel formula made it an increasingly better option.  This peel significantly helps fine wrinkles as well as pigment irregularities.

There was much discussion about the treatment of the aging lips.  With age, a person loses the volume in the lips and the upper lip lengthens and develops wrinkles.  Reliable methods to correct these changes were discussed and demonstrated.

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