Breast Lift

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that removes breast tissue, elevating it up back up on the chest.  It corrects drooping, sagging, breasts and recentralizes the nipple over the breast mound. 

The tradeoff is scars and a small reduction in breast size.  There are multiple different methods to lift the breasts.  Some methods give a higher chance of maintaining nipple sensation while others can give a better breast shape.  There are even methods that reposition breast tissue to create cleavage.  In the past, this was done with either clothing or breast implants.

An augmentation/mastopexy combines the breast lift to reposition and shape the breasts with an implant to increase size and projection.  The two procedures may be done together or staged as two separate ones.  Each has pros and cons.  An important fact to remember, when considering a mastopexy with implants, is that the breast skin has already demonstrated weakness and the inability to hold its own weight up on the chest.  Adding an implant is just adding more weight to the breast that has already shown its inability to hold itself up against gravity.  Therefore for a longer lasting result, the smaller the implant is the better.  Larger implants may be used but the added weight tends to cause the lower breast to sag, unless it is supported with silk scaffolding.  This is very effective in maintaining the desired shape and position but it does add significantly to the mastopexy cost, discomfort, and recovery time. 

Recovery following mastopexy is not much different from an augmentation alone.  The incision may be washed within days and exercise may resume in a couple of weeks.  Pain after the first day is often controlled with mild narcotics or over the counter anti-inflammatories. 

Mastopexy cost rarely varies much regardless of the extent of the surgery.  A periareolar mastopexy is done when the nipple areola only is low.  The scar goes just around the areola which can also be made smaller if need be.  More droopy breasts require a full mastopexy.  The scar is anchor shaped.  After care involves antibiotic ointment until the eschars separate and then silicone sheeting is used to help soften and flatten the scar.  If smooth implants are used, massage may be part of the recovery protocol. 

A mastopexy, especially combined with an implant, can be one of the more challenging operations plastic surgeons perform.  Dr. Feagin and Dr. Owen have been in practice for a combined sixty years.  They have seen and successfully operated a host of breast problems and concerns. 

A consultation begins the process.  The breasts are examined, measured, and photographed.  Your concerns are discussed and the mastopexy costs are confirmed. 

More feminine attractive breasts in and out of clothing, can be yours.  Please view our mastopexy before and after pictures on our website.  Give us the opportunity to see you for a consultation.  We are very grateful for the privilege to be your surgeon.

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