Breast Augmentation VS Breast Lift

Many women find themselves dissatisfied with their breasts.  A cosmetic procedure is often helpful in restoring an attractive breast.  However, in researching cosmetic procedures for breasts, you may have come across “breast augmentation” and “breast lift.”  While both of these procedures can improve the appearance of the breasts, they have some important differences.  Below, we will look into what each involves in order to help you determine whether you are a candidate for a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. 

What is a breast augmentation? 

A breast augmentation, commonly called a boob job, is a procedure that uses breast implants to increase the size or improve the shape of a breast.  A woman may opt for a breast augmentation if her breasts lose volume or change shape after weight loss or pregnancy.  This procedure can also correct asymmetries and other issues.  It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.  In 2016 alone, over 190,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States.  Breast augmentations can use a variety of implant types depending on your individual anatomy and goals for the procedure.  Dr. Feagin and Dr. Owen can discuss implant type options with you and how each type can address your concerns. 

What is a breast lift? 

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is designed to improve the shape and positioning of the breasts on the chest wall.  It reduces sagging breasts and repositions the nipples on the apex of the breast mount.  This procedure also often involves adding fullness to the upper half of the breasts.  Often, a breast lift helps clothing and swimsuits fit more comfortably.  This procedure involves removing excess skin to reshape existing tissue to make breasts look more youthful.  In some cases, it is performed along with a breast augmentation.  There are several different types of breast lifts available with some offering more lift than others.  During your consultation, Dr. Feagin or Dr. Owen, will examine you and recommend the procedure that will give you the best result.

How do I decide which is right for me? 

Dr. Feagin and Dr. Owen have observed many patients desiring breast lifting and also want an increase in size.  Generally speaking, the breast augmentation will restore or add volume to the breast while the breast lift will correct sagging.  The procedure that is recommended will depend on your goals and anatomy.  If you are considering either or both of these procedures, a consultation with our doctors will help determine which procedure is a better fit for you.  At the consultation, it is important to discuss your desired outcome.  Your doctor can then help you decide on a procedure.  Deciding to investigate options for cosmetic procedures is an important first step in moving towards total body confidence.  A basic familiarity of the breast augmentation and breast lift procedures will allow you to discuss them in more depth with your doctor.  If you are considering either procedure, schedule a consultation today.  Our years of experience will benefit you as we develop a surgical plan designed specifically for you.

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