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What Types of Implants Can You Choose From?

Many women who are unsatisfied with their breasts pursue breast augmentation, commonly called a "boob job," in order to improve confidence and self-esteem. However, while breast augmentation may sound like an easy enough procedure, there are several types of implant to choose from. Which implant is used will depend on a variety of factors, and ultimately, it's up to the patient and their plastic surgeon at a breast augmentation enterprise which one is chosen. However, if a patient is informed about the types of implants ahead of time, they may be better prepared to discuss options with a plastic surgeon. 

Why Get a Breast Augmentation?

The ultimate goal of a breast augmentation is to change the shape and/or size of the breasts in a way that suits the patient. While patients have widely varied reasons for coming in for a breast augmentation consult, one of the most common reasons is wanting to increase breast size. Some patients also see that their breasts change size or shape after significant weight loss or after pregnancy, and they turn to a breast augmentation as a way to restore their breasts' initial size and shape. While weight loss and pregnancy can be events that change one's life for the better, dealing with undesirable breast changes can be frustrating and discouraging. Breast augmentation is one way to help a patient regain confidence.

Some patients also have uneven breasts. If one breast is larger than the other, or if they have noticeably different shapes, then they may opt for a breast augmentation to improve overall symmetry. Because this is a feature that can't generally be changed without surgery, breast implants are one of the only ways to fix uneven shapes or sizes.

Depending on a patient's desired outcomes, the breast augmentation may be paired with a breast lift, also a called a mastopexy, for an improved aesthetic result. This may be especially helpful if the implants used are large, although the patient's individual physiology can help a surgeon determine whether or not a breast lift is needed.

What Types of Implants Are Available?

To the uninitiated, it may sound as though there's one type of breast implant that suits all patients. However, there are many different implant types, and some may be more suited to a given patient than others. Below are some of the major types of implants based on material used. 

Saline Implants

While saline and silicone breast implants are approximately equally popular at just about any breast implants enterprise, saline implants are FDA approved for women 18 and older, while silicone implants are approved for women 22 and older. Saline implants come in two varieties - plain saline and structured saline. 

Traditional Saline Implants

This implant type is typically referred to simply as a "saline implant." This type is made of an outer shell filled with a saline solution. Because the saline is free to move around in the shell, these implants have a uniform firmness to them and are generally very full. In the event that the shell begins to leak, there is no danger, as the saline is processed and expelled by the body. 

Structured Saline Implants

These implants are typically called "structured implants." In terms of material, they are similar to plain saline implants in that they involve a shell filled with saline. However, they also have an inner structure that creates a more defined shape than a regular saline implant. This structure can make the implant feel more like natural breast tissue. These may be a good choice for a patient who wants a more natural look and feel.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are popular because they tend to mimic natural breast tissue in terms of look and feel. They are less likely to cause ripples in the skin as well. As with saline implants, silicone implants come in two different varieties - traditional silicone and form-stable silicone. 

Traditional Silicone Implants

Traditional silicone implants involve an outer shell filled with silicone fluid. A silicone implant, as noted above, is more likely to look and feel like natural tissue. Patients considering silicone implants should be aware that, in order to ensure the implants are in good condition, they must regularly visit their plastic surgeon's office even after the implants have been put in place.

Form-Stable Silicone Implants

These silicone implants are sometimes called "gummy bear breast implants" because they are firmer than traditional silicone implants and will hold their shape. They also will not leak if they break. Because they don't move as easily as a silicone implant would, they are somewhat more breast-shaped than other implants, with a fuller bottom and a tapered top. 

Fat-Transfer Breast Augmentation

While this type of breast augmentation does not technically involve implants, it can help women achieve a more natural look. Because this procedure will not yield a significant size increase, it is most likely to be best suited to those who are only looking for a minimal increase in size.
For a fat-transfer breast augmentation, a surgeon at a breast augmentation enterprise will first perform a liposuction elsewhere on the patient's body. This fat is then transferred to the breast region to change the size or the shape of the breasts. 

Choosing the Best Breast Augmentation Option

For patients just beginning to explore the array of available implant options, choosing the best one can seem like a daunting task. A breast implants enterprise will have knowledgeable staff to talk to patients about the risks, benefits, and cost of each option, as well as any maintenance (like periodic visits to the plastic surgeon after surgery) that is needed. A patient's plastic surgeon will be able to help take into account the patient's concerns and aesthetic goals and offer guidance on the best course of action for breast augmentation. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, someone considering breast augmentation can achieve their aesthetic goals.

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