Are You Wondering What the "S Butt" Is?

We have had several inquiries recently about an “S butt”.  This describes the result that is obtained with a Brazilian butt lift.  A Brazilian butt lift is a combination of liposuction of the flanks and fat injections in the buttock.  Many women have large amounts of fat in the flanks that camouflage the superior aspect of the buttock.  By suctioning this area, it converts a protuberant area to a concave area.  This throws out in better relief, the contour of the bottom. 

Further contouring can be obtained by taking the fat that is suctioned from the flanks and adding it to the bottom to either give it a more rounded appearance or more projection, or both if enough fat is available to use.  This is an outpatient procedure done under general anesthesia.  The results are usually immediate but continue to improve over month’s time.  

Almost every circumferential contouring surgery we do nowadays has some component of the Brazilian butt lift, resulting in the “S butt”.  I would be happy to see you in the office for a consultation.  In the consultation, in front of the mirror, I can more adequately explain and demonstrate to you what this powerful procedure can do for you.

Dr. William Owen

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