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Before & Afters - Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)


This is a young lady that had a long-standing dissatisfaction with the appearance of her nose. Her biggest issues were the bulbous tip which plunged when she smiled. She underwent an open rhinoplasty and had trimming of the cartilages that involved the contour of the tip. She had extensive suturing of the remaining cartilage as well as cartilage grafts. She required some trimming of the width of the ala. The contour is much improved and more feminine. The tip does not plunge when she smiles. She has gotten a nice result from her surgery. The post op photographs are two months out and this will continue to improve over the next year. 

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-54315


This is a 24-year-old lady who had problems breathing through her nose and had a dorsal hump on the nose with

some irregularities on the nose. She underwent a rhinoplasty as well as some inside work in the nose to improve

breathing. Postoperatively, we have tipped her nose up, taken down the hump, and smoothed off the nose. The nose now

does not have the knots that she had in the upper portion of the nose and it is not indented in the middle portion of the

nose. We now have her looking better and breathing better. Her nose has a very natural appearance and not an

appearance of an operated nose.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-47616


This is a 20-year-old lady who desires some cosmetic improvement of her nose. When you examine the nose preoperatively on the frontal view, the nose is quite wide both at the level of the lobules of the nose and in the middle portion of the nose. On the side view, her nose droops some, she has a dorsal hump, and it projects too much. Postoperatively on the frontal view, you can see that we narrowed the nose and made the nose much smoother. On the side view, we have taken down the hump, tipped the nose up, and pushed the nose back towards the face.

Now the nose is more harmonious with her face. This is a procedure that is done as an outpatient. Insurance will often pay for a portion of this if breathing problems are treated at the same time as the rhinoplasty.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-48556


This is a gentleman who had congenital malformation of his nose. He has very thin skin and a large dorsal hump on the nose and the lower part of the nose hangs too much. He underwent a rhinoplasty. Postoperatively shows the nose with much better configuration. 

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-46616


This is a 22YO lady who desired some subtle improvement of her nose.  Her nose tended to project interiorly a little too much making the nose look a little large for her face frame.  The tip of the nose was somewhat widened also.  She underwent a subtle rhinoplasty which improved the appearance of the nose.  It did not change her appearance enough that anyone would even know that anything has been done to her nose. 

We tried to perform our rhinoplasties so that they do not give the patient an operated appearance to their nose.  I want the nose to appear natural and fit the frame of the patients face because there is not one specific type of nose that fits everyone.  A rhinoplasty has to be tailored to fit the particular patients face. 

This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-52137


This is a 34-year-old lady who has been self-conscience about the hump that she has on her nose. She has always been reluctant to let people look at her profile pr have pictures made in profile because of the disfiguring hump on her nose. After a rhinoplasty, which was performed as an outpatient, she is now confident about her face and her nose. She can now have pictures made in any position without fear of having the deformity of her nose exposed.

Photos submitted by Dr.Feagin-49845


This is a lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her nose. When you look at her pre-operatively, her nose is very large for her face. She also has a hump and the nose droops some. She underwent a rhinoplasty. This greatly improved the appearance of the nose and has made the nose much more harmonious with her face. Her face looked out of proportion with her large nose and is now much more symmetrical and in proportion with her small face. The shape is much better also.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-45867


This is a 30YO gentleman that was having problems breathing through his nose as well as some external deformities of the nose.  I did internal work on the nose to help his breathing and I tipped the nose up and took the hump down.  I tried to straighten the nose as much as possible.  As you can tell from the pre and post operative pictures, his nose looks much better and he is breathing much better as well.


This is done as an outpatient procedure.  Insurance usually covers a portion of this for the significant breathing problems.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-


This is a gentleman that had presented with problems breathing through both sides of his nose. Also his nose was very crooked and it deviated to the right with too much projection towards the tip.  He wanted to get some functional improvement of the nose and improve its appearance.  I cannot get the nose perfectly straight when they are as crooked as his is.  We have gotten much improvement.  On the side view you can see how the nose projects way too much and is somewhat indented at the root of the nose.  I was able to decrease the projection of the nose as well as tip the nose up some and improve the appearance of the nose.  He is breathing significantly better than he was previously.  This procedure was performed as an outpatient procedure.  Insurance will cover the non-cosmetic procedure of nasal surgery.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-54062


This is a 45YO lady that is here for some improvement of her nose. She doesn’t like the hump or droopiness of her nose.  With age, the nose will tend to droop and can make you appear older than you are.  She underwent a rhinoplasty.  Now she no longer has the hump on the nose and we have tipped the nose up.  This gives her a more youthful appearance.  This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53871


This is a 20YO young lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her nose.  She is a very beautiful young girl but her nose is a little too strong for her face.  In order to rebalance her face, we did a subtle rhinoplasty on her.  We took off the hump on the top of her nose and pushed the tip of her nose back towards her face subtly.  By doing this, she does not have a big change in her appearance and still looks like the same person, but she looks much better than she did prior to surgery.  This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.


As you can see from the before and after pictures, her face is now much more balanced.  The front view of the nose does not change very much however the side view shows significant changes. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#54401


This is a 44YO lady that is having problems breathing through her nose.  Also, she wanted some cosmetic improvement of her nose.  The nose was projecting too much at the tip and she had a dorsal hump on the nose. 


I took down the hump and pushed the tip of the nose back some.  This made the nose not as projecting.  The tip of the nose was thinned and I tried to widen some of the middle portion of the nose which makes the nose look better and helps her breathing. 


She had significant breathing problems which we were able to treat at the same time.  She looks much better and breathes significantly better.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#54716


This patient is a healthy 50ishYO lady that wished some improvement in her nose, specifically the dorsal hump, and the lack of definition in the tip.  When she smiles, the tip of her nose plunges. She had some asymmetry and lack of projection of the tip.  She underwent an open rhinoplasty.  She had trimming and cartilage grafts to the tip of the nose to gain more projection.  She had maneuvers done to diminish the animation deformity when she smiled.  Her photographs are 2 months post op.  She is still a little swollen across the dorsum but clearly seen are improved dorsal profile and better projection of the tip.  Her nose no longer plunges when she smiles. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54655


This is a young lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her nose.  Her nose was drooping and she had a dorsal hump.  She underwent a rhinoplasty.  This is a 2 year follow up on her nose.  Now she has a much better looking nose and it has a natural appearance. 


Photos submitted by Dr.Feagin-#53526


This is a young college student who wished some improvement in the appearance of her nose.  She wished the dorsal hump removed, the drooping tip improved, and the width of the nose to be narrowed.  She had never had any trauma to the nose that she could recall.  She underwent a cosmetic rhinoplasty through an open incision in the columella.  Through this incision we were able to remove the bony and cartilaginous hump.  We were able to do some cartilage manipulation to improve the airflow into her nose which was a pre-operative concern.  Cartilage grafts were used to elevate and sculpt the nose tip to give it some projection off the nasal dorsum.  She has gotten a very nice result with a more centralized, straight nasal pyramid and dorsum with better definition and projection of the tip.  Shown here are her before and two month after photographs.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54648


This is a 35YO lady that desired some cosmetic improvement of her nose.  She had some problems breathing through her nose and had a large hump on her nose.  She underwent a rhinoplasty.  We now have gotten the hump off the nose and narrowed the tip of her nose.  Her nose now fits her face much better.  This procedure is done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55021


This is a 25YO lady who is having a lot of problems breathing through her nose and sinus infections.  Her nose was very crooked.  She could not breathe any out of the left side.  The nose was pushed over to the left.  She had a very prominent spine which is the portion of the nose between the upper lip and the beginning of the nose.  Also, she had a dorsal hump on the nose.  She underwent a septoplasty with rhinoplasty.  Now she is breathing much better.  We have her nose much straighter.  Insurance will usually cover a good portion of this procedure.  This procedure is done through outpatient at the hospital.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#54544

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