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Before & Afters - Fillers


This is a healthy middle-aged female who has lost some weight and a considerable amount of fullness in her face over the past years with vigorous exercise.  This is skeletonized her lips and created some prominent vertical folds in the upper lips.  The before pictures are 2 weeks post op pictures of Juvederm injections into the dry, red upper and lower lip.  In addition there was some dilute Restalyne injected into the white lip to soften the vertical wrinkles in her white lip.  She has gotten a very nice result.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-52653


This 48YO lady has had prior mid-face facial trauma and has had longstanding thin somewhat retruded lips. She wished plumper lips with a better profile and some improvement in the downturned corners.  She underwent filler in the width of the upper lip, central third of the lower lip, and Botox in the lower commissure depressors.  She has gotten a very nice result with much improved contour of the lips and a resting position of the lip that looks more youthful.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53884


These are pre and post op pictures of a 50ishYO female who has always been bothered by the thinness of her lips and the down turning corners of her lips.  She underwent placement of Juvederm filler in the width of the upper lip, central third of the lower lip, and Botox in the oral commissures.  She wanted subtle changes and has gotten a nice result from the procedures.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-37181


She also underwent Juvederm injections to her lips at the time of her facelift.  She has gotten a nice result from both procedures with fuller more youthful appearance to her lips.   She had no complications and a good recovery.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#43417

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