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Before & Afters - Brow Lift/Forehead Lift


This is a 62-year-old lady who complains of her eyes appearing quite tiny. She felt that her eyebrows were quite low. She was not concerned with the rest of her face. She just wanted to have her eyes made brighter. She underwent an endoscopic brow lift.


This is a healthy, middle-aged female who wanted some improvement in the transverse wrinkles in her forehead and the hooding on her upper eyelids.  She had some slight asymmetry.  The left orbit is lower than the right.  The left brow is lower than the right and the left globe is more inset into the socket compared to the right.  She underwent a coronal browlift.  She had an uneventful recovery. Her post op pictures show improvement in the asymmetry in the brow and clean upper eyelid creases and a much more youthful appearance.  The transverse wrinkles in the forehead are gone and the vertical wrinkles between her eyes are diminished from the surgical weakening of the muscles. All in all she got a nice result.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#43417

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