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This is a 38YO lady from Destin, Florida that has been having chronic neck and shoulder pains due to her large breasts.  She desires a breast reduction.  Her breasts are quite large and she has lost the superior fullness of the breasts. She underwent a bilateral breast reduction.  She feels much better and her breasts have a good shape.  She has a lot more superior fullness to the breasts.  


This procedure was covered by her insurance.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin

This is a 26YO lady that has chronic neck and shoulder pains due to her large breasts.  She desires a breast reduction.  Breast reductions have several benefits.  They significantly help neck and shoulder pains by removing the excessive weight of the breasts.  It helps the patient look a lot smaller in the chest area and the breasts are reshaped and uplifted.  


Breast reductions are done to make you look and feel better.  Fortunately insurance will cover a good portion of this procedure.  Below is a patient that desired a breast reduction. The pictures are a couple of months after the breast reduction.  You can see that the breasts have been reshaped and uplifted as well as made smaller. She still has plenty of breast tissue to make her proportional to her body.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin

These are pre and post operative photographs on a middle-aged lady who presented for a breast reduction.  She is a little over 5 feet tall and about 150lbs.  Her bra size preoperatively was a 38F.  She had always been large breasted even when she was a teenager. She had painful posterior neck pain, painful shoulders, and deltoids.  She had headaches on the backside of her head with numbness and parasthesias involving the central fingers.  She tried numerous support bras to no avail.  She got rashes beneath the breasts.  She underwent a breast reduction maintaining the nipple areolar complex with a superior medial pedicle.  I removed 535 grams from the right breast and 745 grams from the larger left breast.  The post operative course was entirely unremarkable.  She has near complete resolution of her symptoms.  She has maintained nipple sensation.  Her bra size is now a large C.  She has gotten a very nice result from her surgery.  The scars are flat and soft and the redness will continue to improve over time.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen

This is a 32YO lady from Destin, Florida.  She desires some cosmetic improvement of her large, drooping breasts.  Since she is developing grooving in her shoulders and has neck and shoulder pains, insurance will pay for a good portion of this procedure.  She underwent a bilateral breast reduction as well as fat grafting to the upper poles of the breasts.  She had lost all the fullness in the upper breasts because all the breast tissue was dropping below the inframammary crease.  


Now the breasts are in good position with fullness in the upper poles. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin

This is a lady from Panama City Florida.  She is having significant neck and shoulder pains due to her heavy breasts.  She has developed grooving in the shoulders from her heavy bra straps.  She desires a breast reduction.


She underwent a superior medial breast reduction.  This has helped uplift and reshape the breasts.  It has significantly helped her neck and shoulder pains.


This procedure is usually covered by major insurance companies.

These are before and after pictures of a young lady referred by her OBGYN for consideration for a breast reduction.  She is 5’9” tall and weighs 240lbs.  Her bra size is a 42H.  Prior to her children, she was very large breasted.  She complained of painful shoulder grooving, posterior neck pain and occipital headaches weekly.  She had actually seen chiropractors in the past for these symptoms which were controlled as long as she continued the treatments.  She had problematic rashes during the summer.  She underwent a breast reduction.  We were able to maintain nipple sensation on one side but not the other. She is a C cup.  She has nice fullness in the upper poles and good projection.  She has gotten near complete resolution of her symptomatology.  She is thrilled with the results of her surgery.

This is a lady that came to see me for consideration for a breast reduction.  She is 5’9” tall and weighs 175lbs.  Her bra size is a 36G.  As a teenager, she weighed about 130lbs. and was a DDD.  Her breasts did not get appreciably larger with pregnancies. She complains of painful shoulder grooving, posterior neck pain, and occipital headaches.  She had actually been treated for migraines with Imitrex. She had numbness and tingling in her hands and fingers.  She had rashes beneath the breasts that were treated with over the counter preparations. The size of her breasts hindered her ability to exercise.  She underwent a breast reduction with free nipple grafting removing 800-900 grams from each breast.  Photographs are 2 months post operative.  She has had complete resolution of her symptoms.  Her bra size is a C cup.  The breasts are symmetrical and nicely shaped.  They are soft.  Her scars remain flat and soft and are beginning to fade.  She now has smaller more appropriately sized breasts, which has facilitated a more active lifestyle.

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