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Before & Afters - Breast Implant Removal

Implant Removal Mastopexy 50644.png

This is a 45YO lady that had breast implants. She was actually a little larger than she wanted to be and she had some children and starting drooping some. She decide she wanted to have her implants removed. After removing the implants, we did a mastopexy to help tighten her up and give her some shape. As you can see postoperatively she has a really good shape to the breasts. She is smaller like she wished to be. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#50644

Implant Removal Mastopexy 55445.png

This is a 60YO lady that had old breast implants done in the 90's. These implants were quite firm and uncomfortable. When they are 20 years or older, they usuall have reached their life expectancy and need to be replaced. 


She underwent complete excision of her old capsules, removal of all the leaking implant material, and a mastopexy. As you can see preoperatively her breasts were very full superiorly and much too large. Afterwards, she has good shape to the breasts with adequate volume. She has enough volume that she will not need to have implants replaced. 


This is an outpatient procedure. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#55445

#53558 Implant Removal.jpg

This is a 50YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama. She has had previous breast implants and breast lift. Her breasts have grown with age and have become heavy. She wishes to have good shape to her breasts but does not want the heaviness. I removed her implants and did a breast lift to help shape the breasts. Pre-operatively, as you can see, she has nice shaped breasts but they are larger than she desires. I was able to remove her implants and re-shape the breast tissue so she still had a nice contour to her breasts.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin


This is a middle-aged lady that had prior implants placed in 2008.  In the interim with weight fluctuations, the breasts now droop off the surface of the implant and she has developed some scar capsules around the implants.  This has misshapen the breasts, giving her unnatural fullness in the upper aspect of the breasts.  In addition, they are firm.  She wished them downsized and corrected.  She wanted the implants removed.  She underwent implant removal with a superior medial mastopexy.  All of the redundant skin and breast in the lower pole was de-epithelialized and buried in the implant pocket to provide some projection.  She has maintained some upper pole fullness and most of her nipple sensation has returned.  She likes the improved shape, natural soft feel of her breasts, and the smaller size. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54391

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