Before & Afters - Lower Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy)


This is a 34YO lady that had some excessive hanging skin and fat in her lower abdomen and in the flank area. She had problems with her clothes fitting properly as well as rashes beneath the skin and fat.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  We have been able to flatten her abdomen and tighten the skin. I resected some excessive fat in the flank area as well.  Now, she has a much better shaped waist and can wear whatever type of clothing she wishes. After about 6-8 months the scars become insignificant in most patients.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53734


This is a middle aged healthy female seen for both a breast reduction and contouring surgery on her abdomen.  Her breasts were large and symptomatic and she was ultimately a good candidate for a breast reduction.  She also desired some improvement in her truncal contour specifically the apron across her abdomen and the fullness across her flanks.  She had excess skin and fat on her abdomen and flanks as well as stretched out muscles as a result of pregnancies.  She decided to do the abdominal surrey first to give a better idea of the size breasts she ultimately wanted to have to match the torso.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which involved tightening the rectus muscles, suctioning the abdomen and flanks, and removing excess skin across the abdomen and flanks.  This results in a circumferential scar around the torso that is low where it can be hidden.  It also elevates, triangulates, and flattens the mons to a more youthful appearance. She now has a defined waist. Clothes, lingerie, and swimwear fit much better.  She is more comfortable sitting.  As shown in the before and after photos sitting, she no longer has a belt of skin and fat extending out over her thighs.  She has gotten a very nice result from her surgery.  She is quite pleased and anticipates pursuing the breast surgery within the year.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53682


This is a 40YO lady from Fort Walton Beach, Florida who had a lot of rippling and irregularity to her buttocks as well as an area of thick fat in the flank area.  She underwent a butt lifting procedure as well as fat grafts to the buttocks.  This has reshaped her flank and buttock contour as well as significantly smoothed off the rippling and irregularity that she had in her buttocks.  Now she has a nice shape to the butt and the upper buttocks area.  As you can see from the back view, the butt is much smoother and the contour of the upper buttocks area has been significantly improved as well as the contour of the lower buttocks.  On the side view, you can see the projection of the buttocks and excision of the loose tissue in the upper lateral buttocks and waist area.  


This procedure is done as an overnight admission to the hospital.  


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-54058


This is a 30YO lady from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  She has struggled with excessive fat around the waist, abdomen, and flank and back area.  She has dieted for over 10 years and has not made any progress.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  As you can see, the abdomen is much flatter and the skin is tight. We have almost eliminated all the rolls she had on her back and flank area.  She now has a good shape to the waist and is able to wear much more tight fitting clothing.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53574


This is a 35YO lady from Panama City, Florida.  She was interested in having her large, hanging abdominal panniculus removed with some shaping of the upper buttocks and flank areas.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  As you can see pre-operatively, she has a lot of skin hanging in her pubic area in the front as well as way over onto her side.  Also, from the back view, she has bulging of the lower flank and upper hip area.  The belt lipectomy has resolved her problems.  She is only a couple of months out from surgery and the scars are still quite red.  The redness will fade over time and will eventually be barely imperceptible.  

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53136


This is late 30ish female who has had several children wished improvement in her truncal contour. She had loose abdominal skin and had loose skin around the circumference of her torso.  Her mons was low and stretched out.  She had lost a lot of contour across her back a d buttock from loose, stretched out skin.  She underwent a belt lipectomy and suctioning of the flanks and abdomen.  This operation removes redundant skin on the front and the backside and improves the frontal contour, side to side silhouette, and even the backside.  Removing excess skin and suctioning the flanks is 90% of a Brazilian butt lift and this improves and creates more “S” shaped contour going from the flank into the buttocks.  It helps raise the buttock contour and give a much more feminine shape.  It changed her backside contour from an almost perfect square to a more triangular shape and gave some roundness to her buttock and even some projection.  The transition from her buttock into her posterior thigh is more youthful and her mons is now flat and elevated.  Her muscles have been repaired and her abdomen is now flat.  You can see the contour of the rectus muscle on either side of the midline and a feminine and not over flattened abdominal contour. The umbilicus is smaller and triangular in shape.  The scars are for the most part hidden in the depths of the umbilical cone.  She has gotten a very nice result and demonstrates many of the fine points that you wish to see on a well done abdominoplasty.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-52593


This is a 40ishYO healthy female who has had multiple pregnancies.  She had stretch marks that extended almost to the rib margin.  On her backside she had flank collections with an almost featureless, square torso.  Shown are pre and post op photographs for a belt lipectomy.  This procedure involved suctioning of the abdomen, flanks, and repair of the loose abdominal muscles which created a flat abdomen.  The loose skin was excised within a bikini line scar that is placed low so that it can be camouflaged by even the most revealing clothing.  The low scar also elevates and triangulates to give a more youthful shaped mons.  She had an uneventful recovery and has gotten a nice result.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54402


This is a healthy 30ishYO female who has had several children and wants some improvement in her truncal contour.  She had large flank collections, square-shaped buttock and flank, and a large protuberant abdomen from her muscles being stretched out from childbirth.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which incorporated suctioning of the abdomen and flanks.  Post op pictures are showed at 2 months.  She has gotten a spectacular result from the surgery with a much shapelier feminine contour.  Her square buttock has been transformed to a more feminine “S” shape.  She will get continued improvement in the contour of the lower abdomen and the flanks.  At her one year anniversary, we are hoping to go back and do more high definition liposuction to her abdomen to give more contour.  This can be done very safely as a secondary procedure without jeopardizing wound healing. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54596


This is a lady who had a gastric sleeve a year ago.  She went from 350lbs. to 215lbs. and remained stable at that weight for a good six months.  She wanted improvement in her abdomen and flanks and at a later date, her breasts.  On exam, she had a prominent pannus and loose skin that covered the majority of her female genitalia.  Her backside over her flanks and back were fleshy as were the lateral thighs.  There is a specific operation that helps address the lateral thighs and she declined that.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  This includes liposuction of the upper abdomen and flanks.  This can be seen on the photographs.  It improves the folds on the upper back and contour and tightenss of the buttocks.  It does not address the saddle bags.  The incision is placed low so that more revealing clothing can be worn.  It elevates and triangulates the mons to give a more feminine shape.  Shown are before and 2-3 months postoperatively.  She has gotten a very nice result with marked improvement in her abdomen, flanks, and upper back as well as her buttock. The scars are flat and soft and the redness will continue to improve over the next year.  We are now moving ahead with plans to address her breasts.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54380


This is a young lady who has had 3 children.  She is a workout person and despite all of her efforts was unable to improve the appearance of her torso specifically her abdomen.  She has a protuberant rounded abdomen from her muscles being stretched.  She had loose skin that extended all the way around the torso.  An abdominoplasty alone would not have addressed the loose skin across her flanks and buttocks.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which tightened the loose, abdominal muscles, flattened her abdomen, and also tightened the loose skin that extended around the torso.  This also included suctioning of the flanks that gave her a more feminine backside shape.  She had an uneventful recovery and has gotten a very nice result.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54105


This is a 40YO lady who has had some significant weight loss.  However she has a large, hanging abdominal panniculus.  She was quite full in the flank area posteriorly.  Her buttocks were also flattened.  She underwent a belt lipectomy with fat grafting to the buttocks.  You can see that the buttocks are now filled out much better and have a much better shape.  Also, the posterior view shows much more curvature to her waist area.  Now from the back view, she has a more feminine shape.  This is markedly improved and allows her to wear much more stylish clothing. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#52675


This is a near 40YO female who had a gastric sleeve operation and lost form 350lbs. down to 215lbs.  She remained stable at this weight for about 6 months.  Her biggest issues were her breasts and her abdomen.  She had a large abdominal pannus that actually covered her mons.  She had large, fleshy flanks and trochanteric and buttock collections.  This was basically piled up, redundant skin.  She underwent two operations about six months apart.  The first operation was a belt lipectomy to tighten her abdominal muscles is remove excess skin from her abdomen, buttock, and flanks.  This was done in conjunction with liposuction.  Following this, she underwent an augmentation/mastopexy with 500cc saline implants.  She has gotten a spectacular result from both her torso and her breast surgery.  Shown here are before and 3 month post operative photographs.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54380


This is a patient who had bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer.  She initially presented in my office for breast reconstruction.  She underwent reconstruction with expanders and implants.  She did well from this.  She then decided to reconstruct the nipple areolas complexes and part of that operation required skin to rebuild the areola portion of the nipple reconstruction.  She had a protuberant abdomen with excess skin and decided to do a belt lipectomy.  The skin excised from this operation was then used to reconstruct the areolas.  Shown are before and after photos.  She got a very nice result from her surgery.  She has a much improved truncal contour.  Her flanks converted from a “B” deformity to a more feminine “S” contour from her flanks onto her buttocks.  Her abdomen is more flattened and has a feminine contour.  She has gotten an excellent result from both the breasts and her contouring surgery.  She is extremely pleased.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54285


This is before and after on a young lady that underwent a belt lipectomy.  Part of this operation was removing and contouring excess skin and fat across the flank and fat grafting of the buttock.  Her post op pictures are at about 2 months. She has a much improved contour with a more defined waist.  The operation has given her more of an “S” shaped flank and backside contour.  She has a more rounded aesthetically pleasing buttock which blends into a more pleasing contour of the flanks.  The scar is flat and soft.  The redness will continue to improve the assuming year. 


Photos submitted my Dr. Owen-#54910


This is pre and 2 month post ops on a young female who lost some weigh with diet and exercise.  She wished some improvement in her truncal contour.  She had children and her biggest issue was her abdomen and her flanks.  She underwent a belt lipectomy which removes skin and fat around the circumference of the torso.  The post op pictures demonstrate a very nice result from this surgery which typically improves the contour of the flanks and the buttocks.  This has given her a more defined waist and has improved the contour and roundness of her buttocks.  It has created an S shaped contour of the flank junction with her buttocks.  Her clothing fits better and she looks much more feminine in intimate clothing.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54558


This is a middle-aged, healthy female who wished some improvement in her torso specifically a breast reduction to address the discomfort across her shoulders, back of her neck, and between her shoulder blades.  She is 5’1” tall and weighs 138lbs.  She is a 34DDD.  She also wanted some improvement in her torso specifically she wanted her abdomen flattened and some contouring on her backside as well as some fat grafting to her buttock.  She had a series of operations the first being a breast reduction.  The recovery for the breast reduction was uneventful.  She had basically complete resolution of her neck, back, and shoulder symptoms.  Post operatively she was a C cup.  About a year and a half later, she underwent a belt lipectomy with fat grafting to her buttocks.  This operation flattened her protuberant abdomen, created an “S” shaped contour on her backside, and added projection with roundness to her buttocks.  Shown are pre-op and two month post op belt lipectomy photographs.  She has gotten an extremely nice result from both the breasts and the belt lipectomy.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#52933

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This is a 38YO lady who had a large, hanging abdominal panniculus.  There were excessive rolls in her flanks.  This large roll of hanging fat in the groin area causes a lot of discomfort and some malodorous smells.  She underwent a belt lipectomy.  This has removed the excessive rolls that she had and has resolved her hygiene problems that she was having due to the overlapping skin in the lower abdomen. 


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-#953982