Before & Afters - Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


These are before and after on a patient who underwent a gastric sleeve and lost over 100lbs.  Her main concerns were the redundant skin and fat on her upper arms.  She is active and otherwise healthy- she was tall, statuesque, and an attractive lady on exam who had primarily loose skin to the upper arms.  There was very little fat.  She also had redundant skin on the lateral chest.  She underwent an L shaped brachioplasty.  This addresses the excess skin and fat on the arms and lateral chest. The scar is hidden in the cup of the axilla.  The scar is placed on the inside of the arm so it is not visible from the back with the arms down by her side.  She got a very nice result.  The scars are flat, soft, and non-tender.  The contour of the arm and the lateral chest both have improved.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53595


This is a 58YO lady that had lost a significant amount of weight.  She had quite loose skin in her arms and this kept her from wearing any type of sleeveless clothing.  Also, she had no definition in the shape of the arms.  She underwent a brachioplasty with lipo-sculpting of the arm and fat grafting to improve the appearance of the deltoid and bicep muscles.  This procedure is done in an outpatient setting at the hospital.  The scars are placed on the arms so that they are not noticeable.


Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-47980


This lady had a gastric sleeve and lost over 100lbs.  She was interested in improving the contour of her arms and her abdomen.  She has the typical “bat wing” deformity of the upper arms which is the result of too much skin.  This problem is not amenable to some of the lesser laser and radiofrequency procedures.  She underwent a brachioplasty procedure that removed the excess skin along the inside of her arm and down the lateral chest.  This procedure not only improved the contour of her arms but tightened up a good portion of the loose skin on the lateral chest.  Her post op course was entirely unremarkable.  She used Cica care silicone sheeting for the scars.  She has gotten a little better than average result as far as the quality of the scars.  Her contour is much better and near symmetrical.


Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53978